Friday, December 28, 2012

The Nail Files 12/28

Today I am linking up with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files.

It feels like it has been forever since I have participated in The Nail Files link up.
I have had many manicures but with the holiday season, I had forgotten to take pictures. I tend to be sticking to Black Cherry Chutney by OPI. It has been one of my favorites for years.

I did try one of the new colors from the James Bond collection and I love it. I was afraid of all of the glitter in it. Once you put this color on, the glitter is not as noticeable as you think it is going to be. It is a very deep green.

Live and Let Die by OPI
It is the perfect green. I will definitely be adding this to my list of favorite fall/winter colors.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 12/27

Its Ok Thursdays
"Its OK"

-That I got my husband a branding iron for his barbecue. He is the grill master. He couldn't wait to try it out so he branded our turkey. He loved it.

-That I told my mother that I went to the turkey farm, saw all of the turkeys running around and branded the one I wanted. She believed me.

This is what I dealt with while taking my mom shopping. She is a goof.

-That I got to watch my favorite baby open presents on face time. Last year she would not even touch the presents. This year she couldn't get enough. She would rip open anything that was there. Every time she opened a present she would say "wowwww". She then proceeded to talk to me while the phone was on her mothers lap. Her face was upside down and she kept saying "hi" "hi". She really is the cutest.

-That my very dear blogging friend surprised me with some beautiful new ornaments. She is too sweet. Thank you again Kathe!

-That I got everything I wanted and more. Thank you family and the son I never had.

-That I made 12 cheesecakes in a week. I made one for myself and still have not even cut into it yet.

-That the son I never had will be coming back today to join us for trivia tonight. Weather permitting of course.

-That I will be taking down all of my decorations today except for my tree. I want to enjoy it for another week.

-That I really don't like putting away all of my Christmas Lenox. It is so pretty and out for such a short time. I have been around for a long time and have been collecting it since the beginning of my marriage. I have quite the collection.

One of my favorite things to put out. My husband doesn't let me put baby Jesus in the creche without the hay. I like it without because it makes less of a mess. He always wins.

-That the only thing I can think of that i didn't get, I will be ordering today.

-That I finally got the go ahead to book my tickets to visit my favorite baby for her second birthday in a few weeks. Between my vacation and the visit, I will probably only be home about one week next month.

-That my daughter is taking me for a spray tan before my vacation. I hope I don't end up looking like an oompa loompa.

-That I am going to need that vacation. I am working three whole days next week.
I worked the day after Christmas. That was probably the only time I did not like my job. It was so hard to go in.  I will be taking so much time off, how could I say no when asked to work? We cover each other which is really nice. I am working New Years Eve and there aren't very many appointments on the book. The good thing is, I can close up when I want.

-That we got my son another xbox for Christmas. I haven't seen him since.

-That my daughter is on forced vacation this week. She can only work so many hours. I have the next few days with her before she goes to her boyfriends for the weekend. I am hoping to fit in seeing Breaking Dawn part 2 and possibly some ice skating.

-That I am sad that Christmas is over and that the regular football season is almost over. We are in the playoffs however, so that is good.

-That I would love to shop some of these great sales that are going on but I am just too shopped out. I am sure my husband will be glad about that. I think I wore the strip off of his credit card.

-That this helped me get through the holiday season. I will be sad putting away my Christmas glasses too.

Have a great Thursday!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 12/20

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

-That I will be taking my mother to start, yes that's right I said start her Christmas shopping today. I don't know why she waits until the last minute but thankfully she will have my help. I hope I have some nips up in my cabinet. I think I am going to need them.

-That all I have left to do is wrap about 5 presents so I guess I wont mind being stuck at the mall all day. It will definitely be an all day affair. My mother is a lollygagger. Is that even a word?

-That these last three weeks have been absolutely chaotic. I am starting all of my Christmas prep in July next year and I mean it.

-That my son informed me that he is moving back in with his friends after Christmas. I don't know if I believe him or not but Hallelujah. It has been rough. It is just not working out. He is too used to being on his own and doing his own thing. I will just help him from a distance.

-That when I face time with my favorite baby, I show her my Christmas tree every time. She is fascinated by it. It holds her attention. I wish she were here to see it in person. I will miss them this year.

-That I actually remembered to gift the mailman and the man that drops off our dry cleaning. I usually forget. I did forget the trash men this year though. I will get them next week.

-That you would never know that the economy is bad with the amount of gift certificates that I have been selling during my one day shift.

-That I am beyond excited that the son I never had will be spending Christmas Eve with our family and the kooky extended family. He is in for a treat.

-That we changed where we will be going on vacation because we couldn't get the hotel we wanted.  Most of the other decent hotels were unavailable. We will be going to Punta Cana instead. Has anyone ever been?

-That the bars open at 9am at our resort. I like to consider myself a hardcore happy hour person. I don't think I could even start at 9am.

-That I will be initiating the cereal diet around here if only I could stop eating! I have to be in a bathing suit in less than a month.

-That I finally perfected my peppermint bark recipe. The key was to not add the peppermint oil. My oldest daughter asked me to make it for her so I need to mail it out to her.

-That I had a hard time finding a decent size turkey for Christmas. I called around and I now have a 26 pounder defrosting in my fridge. It is huge.

-That my brother in law left my addition an absolute disaster after his extended stay. Who would do such a thing? I am billing him for a cleaning lady and rug cleaning.  I most certainly will not be cleaning it. I may just bill him extra so that the cleaning lady can do her thing over here too. Maybe that will take the sting away of how furious I am about the way he left things such a mess. He is talking about coming back in the spring.....

No this is not my house just to clarify. I would have a stroke if it was.

-That I really don't know how I am going to deal with not watching the Hallmark Chanel and Lifetime Christmas movies when the holidays are over.

-That I didnt have a hair appointment and I called at the last minute and my hairdresser had just gotten a cancellation. I call that lucky. She had nothing else available until after Christmas. When it comes to appointments, I am Mrs. last minute. Maybe I am afraid of commitment?

-That my dishwasher is STILL not fixed after having the repair man out four times in the past month. I just hope it lasts through the holidays. Did I mention it is not even a year old yet? I am just glad it is still under warranty. I am hoping they just replace the whole dishwasher.

-That I am having my mother come to meet me at my house at 10:00 because as I said, 9:00 is just too early to have a cocktail, 10:00 however.....may be do able. It is going to be a long day. I am just going to slap a smile on my face and deal with the fact that I have become my mothers mother.

Have a great Thursday!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 12/13

Its Ok Thursdays
"Its OK"
-That I know its a happy time of year so why am I so grumpy and in such a rush with everything? Its OK because I am working on it.

-That the 80 year old woman who came into the spa the other day was a kook. She wanted to know why she had hair growing all over her chin and why she had nothing down "there". How do you even answer that? How would I know? She also wanted to let us know that she knew what "friends with benefits were".  I did contain myself and did not burst out into laughter while she was asking a million questions (even though my favorite esthetician was grinding her finger into my back to either make me laugh or because she couldn't believe what was coming out of this ladies mouth).  I think the spaceship picked her up when she left. I love my old people (heck I am almost one of them) but this lady was whack.

-That I visited my daughters work last week and she works right out on the trading floor. She never told me that. I got to sit with her for awhile. She works with a nice group of people. This week their treat will be cheesecake,  if I can fit in making them later.

-That my roots are about an inch long and I have no polish left on my baby toe. That's how busy I have been. No time for maintenance. I am just about done with all of my Christmas shopping so hopefully I can fix that. Maybe that's why I am so grumpy? I miss my pampering.
-That I spent about 5 and a half hours cleaning by myself on Sunday. What is wrong with this picture? I have two adult children who are either out gallivanting or with their significant others. Being the grump that I have been, I told them, next time I am stuck in cleaning up their bathroom and rooms and the house in general by myself, they will have to pay me $50.00 like I am the cleaning woman. Lets hope that does the trick.

-That as much as my son aggravates me at times, he is pretty funny. He said he was going to be a dish next Halloween because girls like to do dishes.

-That my husband told me that I had until noon yesterday to book our vacation for January. Jet blue's website was too slow and I did not have the time to just sit and wait. I wanted to know why he couldn't do it because I had so much to do. I sat back and realized, he works so hard so that we can go on vacation and it is really not that big of a deal. Even though he works from home most of the time, he is not just sitting here. He starts at about 6 a.m. and I have to drag him out of the study by 7 p.m. to have dinner. He works more when I go to bed. His schedule is ridiculous and I do feel bad for him. Don't tell him I said that. I will happily book that vacation today because it never got done yesterday.

-That I am trying to book that vacation so that it coincides with me going to visit my favorite baby for her 2nd birthday. Why go to the airport a few days later if I can maneuver it so that after I get back from my vacation I just hop on a plane to visit her? I am trying to be practical. I think hell just froze over.

-That this will be the last night of trivia with my brother in law. He is going back to Florida on Saturday. He has been with us since June and I will really miss him. We had so much fun with him. I am going to make him his own wine glass so that when he is back in Florida, he will think of us while having his wine. He loves his wine. Every day he sends me a text "what time is happy hour"?

-That while looking through my pictures, I just realized I forgot to get a specific gift for my husband. Just when I thought I was in the clear. I guess it is going to be another busy day. I will NOT be grumpy about it today. Well maybe just a little when I am at the grocery store yet again. Has it even been a week since I have last been?  Oh well.....
Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deck the halls

I wanted to do something other than a wreath for my front door. I was up in my attic getting out my Christmas ornaments.  I found a french horn that I had used years ago. It was in need of a polish and some new decorations. I pulled off all of the old decorations and polished it up (thank you brasso).

I added greenery, berries and pine cones. I made a gold bow and tied a gold cord to hang it. I have discovered that I need a more high powered glue gun. I was going through glue sticks like crazy. It is going to be very hard for me to get the greenery off next time. I may have used a whole package of glue sticks. Do you know how hard it is to get things to stick to metal?

We decided that we were going to put wreaths on our front windows, that is one of the reasons that I wanted something different on my front door. It would have been overkill to hang yet another wreath.

I had to make small bows and one big bow for the bigger window. I found some beautiful ribbon.

After we had hung all of the wreaths, I decided I needed to switch out the gold ribbon to the same ribbon that I used on the wreaths. Hanging on my front door, the french horn just looked washed out amidst all of the red bows.

As much as I liked the gold bow, I think the red looks better anyway.

I am happy with the outcome and how festive it looks. Now we just need a little snow (did I just say that?)

I want to take a moment while I am talking about craft projects to give an overdue shout out to these two lovely ladies, Carrie and Danni. I won a paint challenge with the wineglass that I made for my friend. I was in New York, already having the best week ever when I found out that I had won.

Carrie at hosted the contest and I will be drinking Starbucks for quite some time thanks to Danni at I want to thank these ladies again. I was quite surprised and honored to have won. They both have great blogs that you should check out!

I will be working on making Christmas presents today. I really need to finish up. Stay tuned for more painted glass.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday12/6

Its Ok Thursdays
"Its OK"
-That while in New York, I did not get scammed once this time. It all happened by accident actually.  I cant believe I didn't think of it before. A man was trying to scam me into something. I just looked at him and didn't answer. He assumed I didn't speak English. He said "Parlez Vous Francais?", to which I did not answer either. I smiled and walked away.Maybe the beret I was wearing made him think I was French.  From there on out, I just pretended I didn't understand what they were saying when I didn't want to communicate with someone. Genius idea. Too bad I couldn't use that ploy in my every day life.

-That while in New York I found the perfect heavy green sweater. It was my favorite color green. It was just my style. I was having one of the worst hot flashes while walking to the register with the  green sweater that I was excited to buy. All I could think about is what I would feel like in that sweater during a hot flash. Needless to say, the sweater did not make the trip home with me. I wound up buying a light weight sweater with holes. My husband felt bad when I relayed the story and told me that he would buy me as many green sweaters as I want when all of this passes. He did think the story was funny however. Me, not so much.

-That when my favorite baby hears my voice lately and sees me on face time, she squeals with delight. I love it. Maybe she is just trying to work me for extra Christmas presents?

-That my daughter was so stressed out that she had to make a big purchase. She needed brake pads. She asked us to get them for her for Christmas. I said no. After the purchase, she said she needed to do a shot and what should she do the shot to? I told her to do a shot to being an adult.  She didn't like it much but she will survive. It is hard being tough on your kids.

-That while trying to call my son and get an answer from him, I finally sent him a text. This was his response. If you see a news story about someone snapping....its probably me.

-That I started a tradition with my favorite baby. I buy her an ornament for Christmas. This is her ornament this year. She should have a whole tree full by the time she is an adult. I may buy more than one a year.

-That a mouse chewed holes through my tree skirt. I had to buy a new one.

-That I am only listening to Christmas music in my car while out doing my holiday errands to help me with my stress level. I like every song. There is one song, well its not actually the song but the person who sings it. I think its either Michael Bouble or Harry Connick Junior. You know the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"? Well one of them sings it. I am sorry but a grown man talking about wanting his two front teeth kind of creeps me out. I seriously need earplugs when I hear this song. I don't know why it bothers me so much.

-That We are going into Boston to have dinner with my brother in law and his wife (who live in Florida), and a group of friends later. My daughter works in Boston so I will be going in early to hand deliver these cupcakes to her work today. She said that all of her office mates want to meet me. When I missed a week of treats for them while I was in New York, they asked about it. She has been asking me for a while lately to come in, so today is the day.

-That's all that I have for you because I am working today. It is the one day gift certificate sale, 25% off.  The clients usually wait until this day to buy them for future services. It will be crazy. It will be fun for me because I get to work with my friend. There are typically not two people at the desk. Her husband already warned us to behave. Yeah right.

Have a great Thursday!