Thursday, December 20, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 12/20

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

-That I will be taking my mother to start, yes that's right I said start her Christmas shopping today. I don't know why she waits until the last minute but thankfully she will have my help. I hope I have some nips up in my cabinet. I think I am going to need them.

-That all I have left to do is wrap about 5 presents so I guess I wont mind being stuck at the mall all day. It will definitely be an all day affair. My mother is a lollygagger. Is that even a word?

-That these last three weeks have been absolutely chaotic. I am starting all of my Christmas prep in July next year and I mean it.

-That my son informed me that he is moving back in with his friends after Christmas. I don't know if I believe him or not but Hallelujah. It has been rough. It is just not working out. He is too used to being on his own and doing his own thing. I will just help him from a distance.

-That when I face time with my favorite baby, I show her my Christmas tree every time. She is fascinated by it. It holds her attention. I wish she were here to see it in person. I will miss them this year.

-That I actually remembered to gift the mailman and the man that drops off our dry cleaning. I usually forget. I did forget the trash men this year though. I will get them next week.

-That you would never know that the economy is bad with the amount of gift certificates that I have been selling during my one day shift.

-That I am beyond excited that the son I never had will be spending Christmas Eve with our family and the kooky extended family. He is in for a treat.

-That we changed where we will be going on vacation because we couldn't get the hotel we wanted.  Most of the other decent hotels were unavailable. We will be going to Punta Cana instead. Has anyone ever been?

-That the bars open at 9am at our resort. I like to consider myself a hardcore happy hour person. I don't think I could even start at 9am.

-That I will be initiating the cereal diet around here if only I could stop eating! I have to be in a bathing suit in less than a month.

-That I finally perfected my peppermint bark recipe. The key was to not add the peppermint oil. My oldest daughter asked me to make it for her so I need to mail it out to her.

-That I had a hard time finding a decent size turkey for Christmas. I called around and I now have a 26 pounder defrosting in my fridge. It is huge.

-That my brother in law left my addition an absolute disaster after his extended stay. Who would do such a thing? I am billing him for a cleaning lady and rug cleaning.  I most certainly will not be cleaning it. I may just bill him extra so that the cleaning lady can do her thing over here too. Maybe that will take the sting away of how furious I am about the way he left things such a mess. He is talking about coming back in the spring.....

No this is not my house just to clarify. I would have a stroke if it was.

-That I really don't know how I am going to deal with not watching the Hallmark Chanel and Lifetime Christmas movies when the holidays are over.

-That I didnt have a hair appointment and I called at the last minute and my hairdresser had just gotten a cancellation. I call that lucky. She had nothing else available until after Christmas. When it comes to appointments, I am Mrs. last minute. Maybe I am afraid of commitment?

-That my dishwasher is STILL not fixed after having the repair man out four times in the past month. I just hope it lasts through the holidays. Did I mention it is not even a year old yet? I am just glad it is still under warranty. I am hoping they just replace the whole dishwasher.

-That I am having my mother come to meet me at my house at 10:00 because as I said, 9:00 is just too early to have a cocktail, 10:00 however.....may be do able. It is going to be a long day. I am just going to slap a smile on my face and deal with the fact that I have become my mothers mother.

Have a great Thursday!



  1. Hey there! Just stopping by visiting all my new followers :) love your blog! It is most definitely okay to have a 9:00am bar on vacation. It's more than okay!

  2. I always love your Thursday posts - I would be so mad at the BIL - how dare he!!

  3. I only have one gift left to wrap, and I happened to just run out of wrapping paper. You better believe I am holding off on wrapping it, simply because I have no desire to run to the store! Haha!

    Have a great day!

  4. Lollygag is a word. And please come make me some peppermint bark haha

  5. Hey, I have an open bar when I'm on vacation!! Enjoy your Christmas and many blessings for you and yours. Thanks for your visit, sweet lady. Big hugs,

  6. Good luck on your shopping venture
    After going out on Wednesday I swore not to go out again for any reason
    If someone needs it , wants it or forgot to ask for it they are getting an IOU from me
    I seriously hate shopping in crowds, I guess I will have to suck it up for the grocery store run, but maybe I'll just wait and go around midnight. Ha

  7. Hey there, popping in from the link up!
    Sounds like you have so many great things to look forward to this Christmas! I hope it's wonderful!

    Glad I stopped by, adorable blog!

  8. Happy Holidays to you ~ great blog ~ ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor ~ aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^)

  9. I'm so glad you reminded me...I need to give our mailman his gift!!

  10. Dude. I would have a heart attack if that was our house, too!! Sheesh, I haven't stopped by in forever. How bad of a bloggy friend am I?! How the heck are you doing? I hope you have a fabulous Christmas with family, Laura!