Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nail Files 6/29

The Nail Files

Today I am linking up with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files.

I had my nails cut down yesterday. They were just too long and out of shape.
I wanted to do something other than pink. It seems like thats all I have been doing lately.

Sally Hansen "The Real Teal"

This happens to be one of my favorite colors. Every time I see a clothing item in this color I buy it.

After our mani/pedi's, my daughter and I spent the rest of the day on the deck having happy hour. Tough life I know, but somebody has to do it.

This may have been after a few cosmos. Maybe I thought my eye was my mouth and that I had a glass in that hand? They dont call it happy hour for nothing.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 6/28

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

-That as I am sitting here trying to figure out what is OK, "the chick that got tagged" is outside jogging by and distracting me

-That no one in my family would go see "Brave" with me and my daughters boyfriend offered to take me. I told you he was a keeper. (Now my daughter wants to go).

-That I no longer love the wildlife in my yard. The deer (I think) ate ALL of my flowers in the yard last night those &^%$#$&% 's

-That I chased a bunny out of my mailbox area the other day when I saw him with a some big leaves in his mouth. I just replanted that whole area!!! He practically FLEW into the meadow area. I think he saw the rage on my face.

-That I am going to start feeding the fisher cat on a regular basis to keep all of these other critters out of my yard. We threw a hotdog out there last night. I need to check if it ate it or not.

-That I really should be going to my moms today to give her the
 birthday present that is 3 weeks late.

-That Monday I worked and I fell asleep sitting up. Seriously what is wrong with me?

-That my husbands only household chore is to make the bed after I wash the sheets. I never tell him when I am washing the sheets. I like going for the element of suprise. I always make sure I am near the bottom of the stairs so I can hear his creative swearing when he walks up to our room and sees he has a job to do.

-That my brother in law is staying in my addition for a few months while he has a contract job. So far its OK.......

-That the whole just eating cereal thing is not working for me. I like food too much. Yes I am still feeling like the side of a barn.

-That as you get older you need to wax more. I wax the minute I get to work on Monday's (a perk of my job). I missed a week while being at my daughters and you would think I was a billy goat. baaaaaaaaaa
Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

-That I need a day of skeeball and go-carts.

-That my daughter is having no luck in the job department. It is a double edged sword. I want her to get a job and be productive but I dont want to lose my playmate.

-That my son thinks he is an adult by getting his own phone even though we still have a contract on his old phone for another year......

-That I need to start planning my daughters graduation party and I have no clue what I want to do.

-That I played my numbers while I was away. You can play for up to seven days. I was gone for eight days and knew I would be missing a day.  On the eighth number came up. Go figure. I guess it was not my day.

-That spell check does not seem to be working and I dont care.

-That I need to get in the shower and not waste another day.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Product review 6/27

I have not done a product review in a long time. I have tried a few new things so I will share them with you.

When I go to my daughters, I like to bring products that I can just leave there. It makes packing to come home much easier. I used to bring only full products to her house to make sure that I had enough. I now just bring things I want to use up. It makes it much easier. I was going to bring Organix Cherry Blossom shampoo but I really did not have enough for a week. I figured I would just get a substitute and leave it there. I decided to try the Organix teatree mint line.

In general I really liked the product. I have to say, my hair tends to be on the dry side and I was using this every day. It did not really hydrate like it said it would. The first few days were great, I got great volume and my hair felt really clean. It was too drying for every day use. I think it was supposed to be like my Pureology hydrate but it did not hydrate like my pureology. For those of you with hair on the oily side, this would be a great product for you. I will definitely continue to use this product, just not every day. I did not end up leaving the product there because I did like it.

I bought this next product while I was at my daughters. I tend to just let my hair go au natural when I am there because of the humidity. I have wavy/curly in spots hair and I tried to get some more curl out of my hair by using this product.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease curl reviving mousse. Let me just say, I am not impressed. My hair is better off without it. It made my hair frizz. This product will be going in my daughters bathroom. Maybe I needed a leave in conditioner too? I dont know. I dont even really want to try it again.

Next up is TRESemme nourishing rituals liquid gold shine therapy. They were having a sale at Walgreens and I figured what the heck? Cant get enough moisture in the summer right? (Walgreens is just like Target , I cant go in and not spend for some reason)
I really liked this product. My hair was very bouncy and curled nicely. It is a conditioner. I did not find it too hydrating though. I may mix it with something else next time for more moisture. I have not used it enough to say I love it yet though.

The next product I am going to tell you about is not something new to me. Almay eyeshadow for your eyecolor. I love this product and have been using it for awhile. It really does enhance your eyecolor. I just had to buy a new one and they have either changed the packaging or have it in deeper colors too. I have A LOT of shadows and I always go back to this one. 4 days out of 7 I will probably be wearing these colors. It has a nice consistency and goes on nicely for a lower priced shadow.

 I want to talk about my favorite all time hairspray. Pureology Incharge Plus. I may or may not have mentioned it before (I am too lazy to check). I just had to get a new bottle. I think the last bottle I had  lasted me about a year because it has such a strong hold , you dont need much. It is great for summer if you spray it in before you curl. It makes the curl last. It is probably one of the strongest hold hairsprays I have ever used. I never use any other hairspray or even feel the need to buy something to try.

Last but not least, Tigi Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment. I love this stuff! I put it on the ends of my hair at night when I put my moisturizer on my face. I consider it moisturizer for the hair. It keeps my ends from being fried from all of the heat styling. I am almost out of it already. I need to go get some more. Only use it if you are washing your hair in the morning. It will definitely soften your ends.

As you can see, I have not tried too many new things. With the summer here I will be buying any new anti-frizz, moisturizing product that I can find. It happens every year. I love trying new products.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nail Files 6/22

The Nail Files

Today I am linking up with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files.
I took my daughter for her birthday to get our nails done. My nails chipped in two days, very disappointing (probably from ripping open all of those junk food bags) I can never go with chipped or undone nails..
Not being licensed in Maryland, I couldn't go to the beauty supply for product. I had my daughter take me to Target for nail products. I have to tell you, I am quite impressed. I did my nails on Sunday and there is no sign of wear at all. Here is what I used.

Sally Hansen, Double Duty strengthening base and top coat.
I used this as a base coat.

Sonia Kashuk Nail Color in "Dream of Genie"

Sally Hansen, Insta Dry anti-chip top coat.
It is supposed to dry nails to the touch in 30 seconds. It delivered.

 I will definitely be using all of these products again. They did not have much of a variety of Sonia Kashuk nail colors. I hope it was just that the particular Target store that I was in, didn't carry a lot of colors. I will definitely be buying this brand again. It was good quality for a very reasonable price.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Its OK" Thursday 6/21

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That I haven't been near my blog in over a week. My favorite grand baby needed my undivided attention. I missed reading blogs and blogging.

- That I just got home yesterday from my daughters and I already miss the baby.

-That I cannot NOT unpack the minute I get home. I had to rewash everything in my suitcase even if it was clean. That's just the way I am. I also spent two hours getting the house back to how I like it. I was gone for over a week.

-That when I would go up to get the baby from her crib in the morning, most days her shirt would be off. Sometimes she would even throw it in the hamper that is on the side of her crib. She would actually put it in there herself. I think she has her Mimi's tendencies (not the taking off her shirt part, the putting it in the hamper part). She even likes to vacuum.

- That my husband left for a business trip the day before I got home. He will be home tomorrow. He made sure my daughter picked me up from the airport in my freshly waxed car that he worked on while I was away.  Thanks honey!

- That it is SO good to be home. As much as I like visiting, there is no place like home.

- That it was too hot out to eat yesterday, but it is never too hot for happy hour.

-That this was the texting going on between my daughter and myself during our mani/pedi

-That when Mimi is in charge the baby gets omelets, toast with actual butter, chocolate milk AND cupcakes.

-That apparently its OK to do your laundry outside in my daughters neck of the woods (this is not the first time there has been a washing machine outside in her neighborhood, what is up with that?)

- That I just did wash and go while at my daughters. It is very humid where she is. This is what I looked like.

-That my heart melted every time the baby would snuggle with me, even if she is looking at me like I am crazy.

- That I saw things going on between my daughters two dogs that I wish I had never seen. I will spare you the details. It is that disturbing.

- That I think this is one of the cutest flower arrangements I have seen in awhile. My daughters boyfriend sent it to her while I was away, just because. He is too sweet.

-That I said no to the crazy man at the mall who reminded me of Gary Busey. He had the same crazy look in his eyes.  He came right up to my face and said "Please, please buy me a diet Dr. Pepper". He asked twice. Maybe it was code for something? I don't know. Back in the day, I might have bought it for him. It was not his day.

- That my daughter and I like to call my mom on speaker phone. My daughter decided we would make a drinking game out of it. She said "Whenever she says something ridiculous we will drink" I pointed to my 3/4 full wine glass and said there wasn't enough wine in it. I am being generous when I say 5 minutes into the conversation, we had to refill our glasses.

-That both my daughter and myself ate whatever we wanted for a week. By the last day, I just couldn't eat junk food anymore.

-That I really have nothing to say about this outfit. Just know that none of the immediate family's hard earned cash was used to purchase it. It was sent to my daughter. I think she could audition for a part on my favorite show, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Maybe she could be an extra. I honestly cant believe someone actually thought "This outfit is cute, I have to have it". On the plus side, she wont have to buy a Halloween costume this year.

-That I am so behind on all of my shows. I did watch The Bachelorette from a few weeks ago last night. Why do the men look like they get their shirts and sweaters from Ann Taylor?

-That I wish my favorite baby was old enough so that I would have an excuse to see the movie "Brave"

-That it will be another hot and humid day. You know what that means.

Happy Thursday!


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Nail Files 6/8

The Nail Files

Today I am linking up with Tara and Vicki for the Nail Files.

I did my own nails again this week. I did a color pretty similar to last week. This color is more pink.
I do not like how the Venique color I used chipped. I went back to OPI. I want to see if its just because I am doing my own nails that it chipped, or if it is the brand. I typically get at least 10 days to 2 weeks out of a manicure when I go to the salon. I had chipping about 5 days in when I did my own. If I get chipping early again, I will not be doing my own nails too much.

OPI "Thats Hot Pink"

Have a great weekend!