Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 6/7

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

-That while trying on sundresses with my daughter yesterday, I looked like the side of a barn. I realize I need to take care of that situation. I ate cereal for dinner.

-That I know if I gave up happy hour I would probably drop the 10 pounds I want to drop. That's not happening. I would rather be barn sized and happy than skinny and cranky.

-That I was jealous of my daughters adorable figure while trying on said dresses. She looked cute in everything.

-That I cant get the image of my mother jumping on my daughters boyfriend like a spider monkey out of my mind. He is such a good sport.

-That I am addicted to the new scent crystals you put in with your wash. I have bought every brand. Gain is the best.

-That I am watching the landscapers mulch my neighbors yard and I am thankful it is not me doing the mulching (Our yard looks better)

-That I am so over hot flashes and mood swings. Don't women go through enough giving birth?

-That I only have to wait 5 more days to see my favorite grand baby

-That my husband has to contribute to buy his Fathers Day present.( I work one day a week, he picked an expensive present. )

-That I am waiting patiently for my contact lenses to arrive. I really need a fresh pair. Next time I will order BEFORE I use my last pair.

-That I have no patience for stupidity

-That I have to tell my almost 22 year old to clean her room (see how she is mocking me?)

-That I just want the sun to come out and stay out

-That I am looking forward to being with my out of state daughter on her birthday. We are going to have a fun day!

-That I told my daughter we should do a veeeelog while I am there. She said "mom its called a vlog". I guess I am not as hip as I thought I was.

-That I bought my favorite grand baby a cute bikini. I know she is not quite 2, but I am going to make this my tradition (I bought her her first bikini last year). Now I just need to find jellies like my girls used to wear.

-That its Thursday and its grocery shopping time. I hate it just as much this week as I do every week.

Happy Thursday!



  1. That bikini is the cutest!!!

    Gain has scent crystals?? Gonna have to check those out.

    I can only imagine how excited you are to see your daughter and grandbaby :)

  2. Haha...I agree with the not giving up Happy Hour. I tell myself (often) that if I'd just stop having a glass of wine (..or 2) at 9:00 p.m. I might lose a few pounds. Never gonna happen.

  3. That bikini is TO DIE FOR!!!

  4. yeah why can't we be skinny and happy??? lol
    never try on clothes with someone more than 10 years younger than yourself no matter how much you weigh!
    never heard of these crystals, what do they do
    have a great weekend