Thursday, June 28, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 6/28

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

-That as I am sitting here trying to figure out what is OK, "the chick that got tagged" is outside jogging by and distracting me

-That no one in my family would go see "Brave" with me and my daughters boyfriend offered to take me. I told you he was a keeper. (Now my daughter wants to go).

-That I no longer love the wildlife in my yard. The deer (I think) ate ALL of my flowers in the yard last night those &^%$#$&% 's

-That I chased a bunny out of my mailbox area the other day when I saw him with a some big leaves in his mouth. I just replanted that whole area!!! He practically FLEW into the meadow area. I think he saw the rage on my face.

-That I am going to start feeding the fisher cat on a regular basis to keep all of these other critters out of my yard. We threw a hotdog out there last night. I need to check if it ate it or not.

-That I really should be going to my moms today to give her the
 birthday present that is 3 weeks late.

-That Monday I worked and I fell asleep sitting up. Seriously what is wrong with me?

-That my husbands only household chore is to make the bed after I wash the sheets. I never tell him when I am washing the sheets. I like going for the element of suprise. I always make sure I am near the bottom of the stairs so I can hear his creative swearing when he walks up to our room and sees he has a job to do.

-That my brother in law is staying in my addition for a few months while he has a contract job. So far its OK.......

-That the whole just eating cereal thing is not working for me. I like food too much. Yes I am still feeling like the side of a barn.

-That as you get older you need to wax more. I wax the minute I get to work on Monday's (a perk of my job). I missed a week while being at my daughters and you would think I was a billy goat. baaaaaaaaaa
Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

-That I need a day of skeeball and go-carts.

-That my daughter is having no luck in the job department. It is a double edged sword. I want her to get a job and be productive but I dont want to lose my playmate.

-That my son thinks he is an adult by getting his own phone even though we still have a contract on his old phone for another year......

-That I need to start planning my daughters graduation party and I have no clue what I want to do.

-That I played my numbers while I was away. You can play for up to seven days. I was gone for eight days and knew I would be missing a day.  On the eighth number came up. Go figure. I guess it was not my day.

-That spell check does not seem to be working and I dont care.

-That I need to get in the shower and not waste another day.

Happy Thursday!


  1. it's okay that you didn't know your grand daughter's birthday and have been playing the 15th instead of the 18th for almost 18 months. and that you yelled at dad when he told you karina's bday was the 18th and you said it was the 15th. haha.

  2. Too funny about your husabnd's chore! Sounds like something I would do!! LOL

  3. I cannot do the cereal diet - I just end up eating my weight in it!

    I love animals - but not when they are eating all my flowers either!! Bunnies be damned!

  4. The cereal diet was a no go for me too! Counting calories worked though. Good luck to your daughter on her job search. My boyfriend just graduated and has the same problem. Once he gets a job though, I will lose my house boyfriend who cleans when I'm at work.

  5. I just saw Brave it was a really cute movie!

    I'd go with you because you seem like such a cool mom! Unless you nag a lot? Do you nag a lot? ;)

  6. You have a FISHER CAT in your woods?!? I love Fisher Cats (when I see them at the ZOO). Where do you live again?? Did you like BRAVE? We saw it yesterday. Other than the terrifying (in 3-D) killer bear, it was cute!

  7. OMG!! I thought I was the only one that played that sheet game (things that sound dirty, but aren't?)with the hubs LOL!! I hope they don't find out our secret!! I have no idea what fisher cats is/ are so I am off to wiki it/ them. Have an awesome day buddy!

  8. we are having a totally bunny,deer problem here as well
    in fact i posted today about the deer
    people must think i live out in the country, but i live right in the middle of suburbia!!