Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Its OK" Thursday 6/21

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That I haven't been near my blog in over a week. My favorite grand baby needed my undivided attention. I missed reading blogs and blogging.

- That I just got home yesterday from my daughters and I already miss the baby.

-That I cannot NOT unpack the minute I get home. I had to rewash everything in my suitcase even if it was clean. That's just the way I am. I also spent two hours getting the house back to how I like it. I was gone for over a week.

-That when I would go up to get the baby from her crib in the morning, most days her shirt would be off. Sometimes she would even throw it in the hamper that is on the side of her crib. She would actually put it in there herself. I think she has her Mimi's tendencies (not the taking off her shirt part, the putting it in the hamper part). She even likes to vacuum.

- That my husband left for a business trip the day before I got home. He will be home tomorrow. He made sure my daughter picked me up from the airport in my freshly waxed car that he worked on while I was away.  Thanks honey!

- That it is SO good to be home. As much as I like visiting, there is no place like home.

- That it was too hot out to eat yesterday, but it is never too hot for happy hour.

-That this was the texting going on between my daughter and myself during our mani/pedi

-That when Mimi is in charge the baby gets omelets, toast with actual butter, chocolate milk AND cupcakes.

-That apparently its OK to do your laundry outside in my daughters neck of the woods (this is not the first time there has been a washing machine outside in her neighborhood, what is up with that?)

- That I just did wash and go while at my daughters. It is very humid where she is. This is what I looked like.

-That my heart melted every time the baby would snuggle with me, even if she is looking at me like I am crazy.

- That I saw things going on between my daughters two dogs that I wish I had never seen. I will spare you the details. It is that disturbing.

- That I think this is one of the cutest flower arrangements I have seen in awhile. My daughters boyfriend sent it to her while I was away, just because. He is too sweet.

-That I said no to the crazy man at the mall who reminded me of Gary Busey. He had the same crazy look in his eyes.  He came right up to my face and said "Please, please buy me a diet Dr. Pepper". He asked twice. Maybe it was code for something? I don't know. Back in the day, I might have bought it for him. It was not his day.

- That my daughter and I like to call my mom on speaker phone. My daughter decided we would make a drinking game out of it. She said "Whenever she says something ridiculous we will drink" I pointed to my 3/4 full wine glass and said there wasn't enough wine in it. I am being generous when I say 5 minutes into the conversation, we had to refill our glasses.

-That both my daughter and myself ate whatever we wanted for a week. By the last day, I just couldn't eat junk food anymore.

-That I really have nothing to say about this outfit. Just know that none of the immediate family's hard earned cash was used to purchase it. It was sent to my daughter. I think she could audition for a part on my favorite show, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. Maybe she could be an extra. I honestly cant believe someone actually thought "This outfit is cute, I have to have it". On the plus side, she wont have to buy a Halloween costume this year.

-That I am so behind on all of my shows. I did watch The Bachelorette from a few weeks ago last night. Why do the men look like they get their shirts and sweaters from Ann Taylor?

-That I wish my favorite baby was old enough so that I would have an excuse to see the movie "Brave"

-That it will be another hot and humid day. You know what that means.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Please excuse my messed up blog. Hopefully it will be fixed shortly

  2. These crack. me. UP. I wanna play! I'm gonna go link up right now! ;D
    And I cannot even tell you (maybe I already have...?) how much I adore your relationship w your daughters, and even though I'm fighting to make time stand still, I will enjoy the day when I, too, can play drinking games (courtesy of MY crazy mama...or The Bachelorette) with them!! But for now, since they are 11 and 16, we will go see BRAVE!! (we'd totally take you along if we could..)

  3. Always good "It's OK" posts from you. Glad you made it back in one piece!

  4. So happy you're back pretty girl! You cracked me up too. Your daughters are darling and all the fun you're having together...that is priceless! Thanks for your great visit!!

  5. Welcome back!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! That babygirl is adorable!

    The heat has been a killer here too! Looks like it's coming to an end soon though.

    That outfit is CRAZY - LOL