Thursday, January 17, 2013

Its "OK" Thursday 1/17

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

- That I think this was the best vacation to date. I loved Punta Cana.  It was very relaxing and very fun. We met some great people too. Shout out to my new Minnesota friends. They were the best! I love that Minnesota accent. They introduced me to flaming shots.

-That it took me 3 nights to make it up until 11:00 pm when the disco opened but I did it. It was a blast. Its hard to make it up late when you start drinking at the pool at 11:00 am.

-That this is what happens when you start drinking tequila at 11:20 am. Yes that is me singing. At least people danced to my singing.

-That we had a layover in NY. On the short flight from NY to Boston, they offered only two snacks on the flight, chips or cookies. Where it was such a short flight, they wanted us to have our selections ready. We had a Stewardman (this may or may not be what they call a male Stewardess but that is what I am going to call him) not a Stewardess and he was quite the diva.  I was in a light sleep and I could hear Stewardman ask my husband what he wanted. My husband said "nuts". Stewardman said "Sir your not listening, what do you want?" My husband again said "nuts'. Stewardman huffily walked away and my husband never got anything. We are still laughing about it. My husband said he fell asleep and never heard what they were offering. Stewardman still should not have been that rude. Why couldn't he just say what they had? Rudest Stewardman ever. We will however laugh about it for years to come.

-That we got to watch our playoff game at the sports bar. Pedro was a great bartender. He opened early so that we could watch the game. Yes we won. Go Patriots! We even sat with some Houston fans we met the night before. They left halfway through the game.

-That the food was not the greatest. Breakfast was the best meal. I still managed to gain a few pounds.

-That I miss saying "Ola" and "Gracias".

-That my dishwasher is totally broken now. It has been three weeks. The repair man will be out on Friday. Actually its not OK. If you are reading this Bosch, just replace it already. The repair man has been out 5 times. Bad customer service. I do not enjoy doing dishes. Thank you.

-That I cant add pictures for some reason. I hope they fix it soon.

-That in about 8 hours I will be face to face with my favorite baby and not on face time. I cant wait!
I miss my daughter too.

-That I haven't read blogs in about three weeks. Hopefully I will catch up soon.

-That I will be in enemy territory again while watching the Patriots play on Sunday. It was the same scenario last year. We played the same team. I hid my Patriots gear in my luggage just in case.

-That I need to finish packing and hang out with my husband before I leave. He will be lonely.

Have a great Thursday!



  1. I totally have a hard time lasting past 10 or 11 on vacation. hahaha. Glad I'm not alone!

    Do you recommend your resort?

  2. So glad you vaca was a good one
    Nothing harder than re-entry after a great vaca

  3. Welcome back Laura! You were missed :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to see photos xo

  4. I am going to pretend that although you haven't been reading blogs, you have been reading mine ;-) I can't wait to see pictures of my future grand daughter-in-law! Enjoy your time with your girls!!!!