Thursday, March 28, 2013

Its OK Thursday 3/28

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

- That I finally took down my biggest wreath on my big window in the front of my house just YESTERDAY. It is the end of March. I am embarrassed. I climbed a ladder and did not even care if I bought the farm. It needed to come down. I wanted to hang my spring wreath for Easter. In our defense, the snow has been so deep that it was hard to get to. I can finally see grass on my front lawn.

- That I have been detoxing from my winter food fest for weeks now. I worked on Monday and I had to take my spanx off half way through my shift. I was seconds away from having my circulation cut off. How does that even happen when not one piece of chocolate or junk food has passed these lips in three weeks? I felt like I gained weight. While commiserating with my oldest daughter she told me "Mom, that's what happens, first you bloat then you lose the weight". I think she has watched the movie Mean Girls one to many times but that's OK. I don't think that's exactly how it works.

- That while at work on Monday I had just made oatmeal and had to put it aside because I needed to check out a client. The client saw my oatmeal and asked me if she ate lentils too would she be thin like me. Does oatmeal even look like lentils?
It was kind of ironic that she said that seeing that I felt like a tick ready to explode at any second.

- That I will be making two turkey breasts for Easter. My grocery store did not have one turkey that was not their brand. I am picky when it comes to my turkey. I guess we are weird for even having turkey on Easter. We are just not ham people.

- That my daughter is having a really difficult time with my favorite baby. She is up crying every night. She did have an ear infection but it has cleared up. She is still waking up. Maybe the poor thing is having night terrors. Who knows what goes on in a 2 year old mind. I feel so bad for her (the baby, not my daughter). I just hope she learns to behave. She doesn't realize she is blowing my chances for a second favorite baby.

- That I think we finally got rid of our pet. I had to stop feeding the birds and I feel bad about that.

- That my husband and I just celebrated the day we met 29 years ago. A lifetime ago it seems.

- That I will be steering clear of any fashion magazines for the next 3 months. I don't need to learn for the millionth time how to apply self tanner. I am sure they are all  getting their articles ready (like its rocket science). I will not however give up my US weekly.

- That winter is here. I cannot wait until Game of Thrones starts on Sunday. It will conflict with another of my favorite shows, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but that's what a DVR is for.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I'm sure you look fabulous but good for you for trying to maintain!

    And I can't wait for game of thrones either! YAY!

  2. Even after a foot of snow last weeekend, we can finally see 90% of our front lawn! Happy Easter to you you and your family Laura!

  3. I need to get off of the winter foods. For real.

    Congrats on 29 years together!

  4. can't wait for game of thrones!
    lol @ the wreath
    when i lived in philly my neighbor left her xmas lights up on her porch
    she had a christening for her new baby and people were all like, how sweet that you put the lights up for the christening. LOL
    we are having turkey for easter too, mostly cuz my mom sent me one already cooked!
    hope you have a great easter weekend