Thursday, March 7, 2013

Its OK Thursday 3/7

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

- That we are in the midst of yet another snowstorm. What a winter. I got everything done in the beginning of the week so it is really OK.

- That we still never shoveled our walkway from the last storm. It keeps the peddlers out right?

- That I am addicted to face book poker.

- That my daughter and I have been putting off three way calling my mother. We will do it today.

- That I made it to the gym this week and hated every second of it.

- That I hope I get my blogging mojo back.

-That I made my daughter brownies to bring to work yesterday. When I came downstairs this morning, she had a few of them separated and packaged up with candy. When I asked her what they were for, she said they were for the homeless people she sees on her way to work. I am glad that she has been working in the city for awhile now and is not cynical.

- That my husband has the option to either buy me a puppy or adopt a baby. I think he will go with the puppy.

- That I took every single nicknack from every corner of my house, including my dining room hutch and washed it one day out of boredom. It took all day long. That is why I need a baby or a puppy.

- That I tried a new nail salon yesterday even though my friend told me she thinks they give "happy endings" in the back. I did not witness any shenanigans. They did a good job. The place I had been going to for over 10 years changed ownership. They are not as good.

- That it will be another weekend of cooking and entertaining all weekend. I enjoy it.

-That while driving home from work, my eye felt blurry. I thought it was my contact. I was wearing my sunglasses and thought nothing of it.  When I got home, I realized that one of my sunglasses lenses were missing. I drove all the way home looking like a pirate and I didn't even know it. I felt like such a loser. How did I not know? I can only imagine what passing cars must have thought.

- That I love that my friends opened up their own salon. They do a fantastic job. I don't usually go for blowouts but I may just to go visit with them. They keep me young or at least young at heart. They want to keep me young too. No soccer mom hair for me. I will be the old lady with the long grey braid.

- That this is my daily spot. It is winter after all.
(with a Cosmo of course)

Have a great Thursday!



  1. OMG losing the lens is hilarious! Could imagine your surprise when you got home. LOL

    I'm sick of the snow right now. When is spring coming?????

    Your daughter is just the sweetest soul.

    Love your hair - wish I could grow mine out - but I think I'm stuck with this doo forever.

  2. Your sunglasses lens story made me lol! A Cosmo in front of the fire is as perfect as it gets :-)

  3. LOL on the sunglass lens!! I am soooo hoping you get your blog mojo back too! I miss you buddy! I totally see you with a dog!! Not a cat, a dog! We may get another foot of snow here this weekend! Luckily the last foot of snow melted off quickly. Oh we HAVE to shovel walks here or get fined! Enjoy your cosmo :-)

  4. LMAO OMG the lens story is hilarious!!! I hope you find your mojo as well. We have snow up to our eyeballs as well. I'm so ready for Spring.

  5. OMG AT YOUR SUNGLASSES!!!!!! I laughed out loud at my desk, in the office after seeing that photo! I tried a new color yesterday too and love it :)

  6. Oh my word... the sunglasses KILLED me! :) Hope you're doing well!

  7. So glad to hear from you!
    Please get your blogging mojo back
    Funny about the dog, we are in the midst of the do we or don't we phase of that
    Right now it is sons for, husband not commenting and me, well, my answer changes every hour on the hour LOL
    Hope you have a great weekend and that some sunshine comes your way

  8. As long as my family is safe and sound and we have power I kind of welcome the occasional snow day! It's so quiet and sort of wonderful:)
    Love that your DD is paying it forward. Sweetness.
    Oh and you and I will both be rocking the long grey hair. I just can't see cutting all this long blonde stuff off!