Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall has arrived in New England

It doesn't really seem like fall (and I know it is still technically summer) except for the cold nights and cold mornings. I know fall is serious about being here when my tree called the burning bush starts to change colors. It is always one of my first trees to change color. The whole tree will turn a gorgeous bright red eventually, hence the name. It has started to change color this week. Now if only Moses would show up and slow down the process so that we could keep the warmer temperatures for awhile longer. As much as I want to break out the boots and sweaters, I am not ready for the cold weather!

I will be cooking up a storm today. It is Sunday during football season after all.  I will be making my Portobellos because the son I never had liked them so much. He is coming to watch the game with us. He is in for a treat. I will also make something different for all of you mushroom haters and I will post the recipe hopefully this week or next.  Obviously it will be something fried. It is football food after all.
I just hope I don't tank in the football pool this week. It will bring down my standings for the grand prize.  Maybe I can do better in the Survivor pool that will be starting up this week. We don't get to pick the players. For some reason,  I always end up with the mouthiest player that everyone wants to get rid of. I usually have to rely on my husband to win. Boston Rob came through for us big time the last time he played. That was my husbands player. I had the girl that got kicked off on the second episode. Go figure.
Have a great, relaxing Sunday!


  1. The changing leaves are one of the greatest things about living in New England. When we move on, I will miss it so much. Because it was so dry this summer, we've noticed that some trees are dropping their leaves before sad! In a couple weeks we will take a looong drive and just take it all in. Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted one of those "burning bushes" in my yard.

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  3. I really want to visit New England in the Fall! It looks so pretty there! Following back :)
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  4. OMG!!! I love how beautiful that looks! I cannot wait for Fall.....Go Patriots!!

    Your blog is soooo adorable! New follower for sure!!

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  5. Huray for someone else who isn't looking forward to cold temperatures! The leaves changing color might be pretty and all...but I like being able to feel my fingers and toes rather than having them turn numb everytime I walk outdoors. Winter's coming...

  6. I would love to see some true Fall colors!! Just don't get that in my corner of the US!

  7. Wow, look at those trees! Where summer meets fall :)

  8. Ahh I love fall! I can't believe your trees are already turning. Jealous!

  9. I hope you had a great Sunday despite that awful loss!!! I can't wait to head up to Boston in a few weeks and see the foliage!

  10. we have burning bushes around our mailboxes, but they are not even close to turning color yet
    looking forward to visiting son1 up in the mountains to see the fall colors in oct.

  11. I'm not ready for fall either but the pictures and your talk of football are reminding me that it might be okay.....