Thursday, September 13, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 9/13

Its Ok Thursdays
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"Its OK"
- That my dishwasher decided to call it quits the day my 4 new boxes of dishes arrived. After looking at the boxes for a few days, I couldn't take it any more and decided to wash them all by hand. Dishwashers hate me. I have only had this dishwasher for 9 months. The repair man cannot come out until Monday. I have dish pan hands.

-That after not exercising or eating very good for a week, I am back on track. I walked 6 miles yesterday. I walked the lake with a friend, came home, cooled off, then did my neighborhood walk. Could there be a correlation with my miserable attitude and lack of exercise lately? I think so.

-That my kids and immediate family are giving me a major meltdown lately. How much more can I give/do? Mom guilt is never ending.


-That I think the son that I never had was appalled at the things my daughter and I talked about when he came over for dinner on Monday.
We just try to make each other laugh during the day to pass the time. We are sickos.

-That I completed my first craft project in years. I made a wreath. I am happy with the outcome. Now my daughter and my mother both asked me to make them one. It gives me something to do.

-That at this time next week, I will be in NYC. I need the break. I have a list a mile long of things I want to do. I will be on my own during the day for two days.

-That I always teased my daughter that I wanted to take my favorite grand baby. She told me I could have her the other day. She is starting the terrible two's. I gave my daughter the heads up that 3 is worse. I told her I would take her when she is 5.

-That whoever invented face time is a genius. I love being able to see my little princess on a day to day basis.

-That it has been gorgeous out and I am trying to be outside as much as possible. I am dreading the winter.

-That I am trying to hold it together this week but I feel like a boiling pot. I am just waiting for the boil over. I just hope I don't explode.

-That I did horribly in the football pool this past week. I will be doing some research this week so that I can do better.

-That in the daylight I think I am seeing the beginning of a turkey gizzard. I will be slathering my neck with anything I can find. I wonder if I wrap it in saran wrap if it will work better? That will be quite the treat for my family to see.

-That after 47 years, I have finally figured out men. While I am thinking of all the cute outfits I will put together with my new boots, my husband is thinking of what I will look like in JUST the boots.
When it comes down to it, men are simple creatures. I guess they are easier to please than we think.

-That my mother was making fun of me for still doing my daughters laundry. She thinks I spoil her. Meanwhile she gets up at 5:30 in the morning to make coffee, pack a lunch (sometimes she even packs pudding with a spoon) to send my brother, who is 43, off to work. He still lives at home. Pot meet kettle.

-That I need to stop procrastinating right now and get out and walk. Maybe it will help my bad attitude.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hope you do feel more relaxed after your walk :-)

  2. LOL, I think that time in New York is just what the doctor might order! I know that misery loves company, so just to let you know, I did pretty crappy in my football pool this week as well! But heads up, I think I started off last year in the crapper, but steadily got better as the year wore on. It's hard to read these teams when they are just getting started! Laundry? Now, I will say that my girls did their own laundry from the time they could reach the dials on the washer. I was nowhere near supermom. I worked full time and took care of my alzheimer mother, so to this day I still do not feel guilty about it! Enjoy your day, things will get better!!!

  3. So jealous... I haven't been to NYC in, like, five years, and I want to go back SO bad! My firm has a New York office, though... perhaps I need to find an excuse to do some work up there. :)

  4. Glad your walk made you feel better. Sorry that you are struggling with some family issues - if it's not the kids driving me crazy it's my MOM! UGH

    Thanks for the advice on how men think - in my world it's heels - any pair of heels. LOL

    Hope you do better this week with your football pool - it's so hard to predict!

  5. I hope the weather stays nice so you can get out more and just unwind. Hang in there til NYC. You deserve some you time :)

  6. I have been extra crabby too but I think it's because we have our company user conference on Tuesday and no one in the office is ready with their presentations. I was given a list as long as my arm of to do's to get done and thought I had a helper. I was wrong. By next Wednesday I will be a wrung out noodle! Oh and I have had the noodle neck for 7 years now! Coincidental that I am 7 years older than you? Maybe?? :-) Now, go for another walk. Do it for me!!

  7. you finally figured out men?
    when is the book coming out??????????

  8. Walking is indeed good both for the body and the mind. I enjoyed reading this post. Love your humor :)

  9. Don't you just love faulty electronics... don't worry NYC will make it all better! I just got back from Fashion Week and miss it so much already! Found you via the Friday Aloha Blog Hop and hope you'll visit my site and enter my giveaway! :)
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