Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I want to hit "replay" on this past weekend

Today I am linking up with Dana, Leeann and Sami. This is a new link up for me. I wanted to talk about my weekend anyway so why not make some new blog friends while I am at it? Thank you for hosting ladies.

My husband and I had the house to ourselves this weekend and took full advantage of it. We had nobody to answer to and just kept busy all weekend.

Our weekend started early Friday afternoon.

My husband still knows how to start the weekend off right.
We drove into Boston

We  met up with the "kids" from work. The bar we went to is right on the water with Boston Harbor views. It is the same place we went to a few weeks ago. It is a dive, but it is fun.
We stopped at Newbury Street first so that I could exchange an Alex and Ani bracelet my oldest daughter got me for my birthday. The one she got for me was too heavy. I picked this one instead.
A queens crown. I love the little jewels on it. I don't have any Alex and Ani's like it.
I actually wanted a different one but they were out of stock.
When we got home it was still pretty early. We went out at 2:00 pm so I knew it would be an early night. We spent a few hours in the jacuzzi when we got home. I went out earlier in the day to Bath and Body Works and picked up my stress relief products. We ended up taking a jacuzzi Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We like our jacuzzi obviously. When I tell my kids we are in the jacuzzi, they say they don't want to hear it. Why? I think they get the wrong impression (or maybe not).  We usually spend 2 to 3 hours just relaxing in there. There is nothing like it. Some of the conversations we have had in there.....It's a great way to reconnect. It could be one of the reasons we will be celebrating 27 years of marital bliss in two days?  Even a tub would work. I encourage everyone to try it. Dont forget the candles!
Saturday was spent sunning ourselves in the morning. We went shopping in the afternoon where I scored these.
Thanks honey! I have a hard time finding boots because the calf is always too big. We spent all last winter just looking for boots that didn't gap open. I finally found a pair mid winter. These are very snug and perfect. I wanted to get a jump on my search even though I wont be wearing them for awhile.
We also got a lot of kitchen items that needed replacing.  It was time for some new things. When we got home, we ordered new every day dishes that we had seen online. We didn't find any we liked while we were out.
We barbecued and jacuzzied
On Sunday, we had a family cookout at my Uncle's in Gloucester. It was a beautiful day, until we decided to stop and go to the beach for awhile before we went home. He is about 5 minutes away from Good Harbor Beach so we couldn't resist. It is my favorite beach. It was very cloudy when we got there and we saw the sun for maybe 5 minutes. We only stayed for about an hour.

See the house on the left looking out on the water? I want to live there.
Monday consisted of candlelight breakfast, mimosa's all day and tanning.  It was a day to relax.

We were going to go out for breakfast all weekend long but never made it there. I wanted to show my husband some love anyway. Eggs (any kind) are one of my specialities to cook. My husband loves his bacon.
We had a great weekend. Usually our anniversary falls on Labor Day but not this year,  so we just celebrated a little early. We will be celebrating again this coming weekend. Not a bad deal.
Today everyone is home and back to work. My husband even had to go into the office today. I have the house to myself and I am going to relax. I am thinking its a day to catch up on some of the ridiculous shows that I watch (and do all of the laundry and towels from all of those jacuzzi's).
It is a very dreary day here.
Back to reality I guess. Its OK, its a short week right?
Enjoy your week!


  1. What an awesome weekend, Laura! I am feeling very envious! It just sounds so relaxing, as well as romantic. Good for you!

  2. That sounds like the perfect weekend! A jacuzzi is on my wish list - maybe in a few years :) I've never been to Good Harbor but everyone tells me it's their favorite beach...maybe I'll make there next year!

  3. Glad you had a great weekend :-)
    I love the boots - I am on he lookout for some new black ones this fall. Have a great week!

  4. So glad to hear you had a great anniversary weekend!!

    Love the new boots too - I would love to get a new pair to wear over some skinnies this fall.

  5. Sounds amazing!!!! I bought some of those exact same products at Bath and Body Works this weekend myself. Great minds think alike.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend Laura! Mimosas all day sounds like the best day ever!! :-)

  7. Mmmm...2-3 hours in the jacuzzi sounds amazing, with or without the man...but yeah, always better with. I need to get those stress relief products, oh, and a jacuzzi. So glad you two were able to relax and enjoy eachother's company. Congratulations on 27 years. Definitely try to celebrate it every weekend!

  8. Hi! Came your way from the blog hop! I look forward to connecting with you!


  9. Love the bracelet and the boots and yeah, I don't need to heard about what went on in the jacuzzi either!! :P

  10. sounds like a perfect weekend
    i am drooling over those boots!!!

  11. Well no wonder you want to do it again! It sounds absolutely perfect!! Geesh I might even be a bit jealous:)

  12. ah those flowers are so sweet!

    have a great night! drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hi!