Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 8/9

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That I am happy my house is back in order after the party, house guests,  and the never ending round of company for the last few weeks.

-That as much as I love my favorite baby, baby paraphernalia strewn all about my house gives me anxiety. I like when I get to put it away.

-That while my daughter was getting a facial, I fed the baby a chocolate chip cookie the size of her head. Thats what Mimi's are for.  I love that baby.

-That the son I never had, gladly pushed the second carriage at the grocery store without complaint during our party shopping. At the register, he asked me why I was buying a drink mix when my psychiatrist told me I shouldn't,  because I just got out of rehab. I saw how the checkout girl and bag boy were looking at me.  He is very good at the game and fits in well with my family's sense of humor.

-That I told my real son's friends who came to my daughters party that if they gave me $20.00 each, I would introduce them to my daughters friends. His friends were staring at my daughters friends and they were really awkward about it. I was just trying to help them out.

-That when my childhood friend comes to my house for an event, even if its not for me, she brings me a prize. She is the best.

-That my daughter wanted me to do a shot with 2 of my neighbors, G and L, at her party. I do not do shots at all. My daughter poured the shots anyway and my neighbor L and I poured our shots into G's glass. G drank a triple shot and had many Cosmo's. She ended up backing out of L's driveway and taking out a neighbors mailbox. It just happened to be a neighbor I didn't invite. Whoops. Don't worry, she left a note ( I can only imagine what the note said or if it was even legible).

-That my daughter got an Ipad from her uncle for graduation and I am jealous.

-That my brother in law is still here. It is going on about 6 weeks now I think. He likes happy hour as much as I do. Sometimes I get a text from him at noon asking me what time happy hour is. Honestly, I really don't mind him here. I do think if he bought me an Ipad too, I would like him even better.

-That my middle daughter whines if there are not enough birthday candles on her cake. One for every year plus one for luck. I ran out of candles last year and I never heard the end of it. Next year I am getting the number candles, that will fix her wagon. My husband burnt his hand while helping me light her cake.

-That my daughter went and got me this the day after her party (her birthday) to thank me for having her party. Another to add to my collection.

-That I think I broke a blood vessel while waiting on hold with Mitsubishi Electrics yesterday. I was on hold for 45 MINUTES! Totally unacceptable. To say I was pissed would be putting it mildly. Maybe the man didn't like my bitchy attitude because I was on hold for 45 minutes and he proceeded to put me on hold again after he took some information. I had to call back and talk to someone else, I couldn't take it anymore.  Oh well. My TV will be fixed next week.

-That I miss the little cutie that owns these shoes.

-That I stopped right here and went out and did my exercise. I am not going to lie it was really tough. I have been eating things I normally wouldn't and I had shorter work out routines with all of the hubbub that has been going on at my house. I am glad I forced myself.  Now I can enjoy my day of having the house to myself.

-That my beauty routine will be easy today because I will not dry my hair. I have decided to go get a trim. They can dry it for me.

-That Pandora radio's station Pitbull is the best to work out to.  I never have to skip songs. The even better thing is, the commercials are in Spanish. At least they sound interesting. I hate the regular commercials.

-That I can hear the painters next door singing loudly and terribly. Would it be rude if I opened my front door and ask him what he did with the money his mother gave him for singing lessons? Looks like the air conditioner will be going on early. At least that will drown him out.

-That before I catch up on all of the shows on my dvr that I have missed, I am going to catch up on all of the blogs that I have missed reading

-That YES, YES, YES I am ready for some football tonight!! First pre-season game!

-That I am going grocery shopping today just to get our traditional football snack food. The grocery store better have my Tony's pizza rolls or else (Tony's are MUCH better than Totino's).
I may have to double up my workout today. Its worth it.

Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all! My kind of party! The son that you never had sound like a lot of fun! BTW, I love your flowers!
    I will also be basking in happiness tonight with the Ravens game! Do you play Fantasy Football?
    Enjoy your day!

  2. "-That I told my real son's friends who came to my daughters party that if they gave me $20.00 each, I would introduce them to my daughters friends. His friends were staring at my daughters friends and they were really awkward about it. I was just trying to help them out." Haha! You are hilarious! :)

    I love the Pats too! My hubby gets mad when I keep talking about Tom, haha, because he hates him. So sometimes I just do it to irritate him LOL

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  3. It's okay that I will loose my husband for the next few months to Broncos football :-) I just love hearing about your daughters and son(s)! The flowers are too perfect and so lovely! What a dear friend! Have a great rest of the day friend!

  4. Hahahah!! Loved hearing about the son you never had joke and the $20 offer!!! They should have taken that up!!

  5. HAHAHA!!! Loved that he made that joke - seriously hilarious.

  6. haha this post is really funny! love your sense of humor!

  7. sounds like you had an awesome week
    love your friend that brings you goodies, i have a friend like that too
    lol @ you and the liquor store encounter

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    new follower bev

  9. I would be jealous of your goddaughter too! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  10. So much to be thankful for, but that baby with the giant cookie has to be the best of all!!!

  11. Lol, I loved this post!! So I guess all Mimi's give out cookies lol. Loved the liquor store exchange too. Yay for the Pats!!

  12. She got an iPad for her birthday, doesn't it suck that our kids get better presents for their b-days than we did when we were kids (lol)! :)

  13. I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following me would mean alot!

  14. Omg per usual your post cracked me up (especially the $20 offer!) I love Alex and Ani too, they're from Boston :)

  15. Your post was so cute and funny. I loved it!!!

    Im your newest follower!

    XOXO Tiffany

  16. Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better! :)


  17. found u thru the mom's monday mingle and now follow through GFC! hope to see you again in the blogosphere!