Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I am loving lately 8/28

for their new link up. Join them and link up what you're loving lately! Whether it's fashion, color, crafts, interiors, beauty products, yummy and delicious, or really anything else.
 I wish these ladies success in their link up.
I thought this would be a great link up for me because I have not done a review in awhile. I have tried so many conditioners lately because my hair has been as dry as the Sahara. I went to the beauty supply 3 weeks in a row after work. On my last visit, the girls said "Do you have any questions?" and I said, "Yes, why do I have to come here after work every week? Would you be offended if I didn't come in for another month?" She laughed and proceeded to tell me about the sale at the beginning of September and she said she was sure she would be seeing me. They know me well.
I love each and every one of these products but I will list them starting with the ones that I think have made the biggest difference. My hair is no longer dry.
This is a leave in conditioner. It reminds me of the Dove Oil Spray (that really did nothing for my hair, yes I tried it). You have to shake it up. I love Schwarzkopf products. They are truly superior.
This is a great deep conditioner. It smells great too!
This is a self heating mask. I only use it in the shower. It is not one I would leave on overnight.
These are Wella professional products. Do any of you who are a little older remember the Wella girl with the flower wreath in her hair?  I remember the Wella girl was on the Herbal Essence bottle and I still remember the jingle. I was a product junkie even at the tender age of 8. I used to try out all of the products my sister's would buy (even if they said i couldn't). Wella products have been around for a long time and i just rediscovered them. I am pretty impressed.
I have not tried too many bain de terre products, but I will now. I saw this in the beauty supply ad and it said it was ultra hydrating. It is. At least once a week I sleep with conditioner in my hair. I mix a mask of this product, the Wella deep conditioner from above and K-Pak from Joico. It works great I have to say. You can now light a match near me and I will be fine.
I am also loving my new birthday gift.
I have been wanting one of these for awhile. Thanks honey!
I am now obsessed with monograms and I will be going to visit the craft store today because I have a few monogram craft ideas in mind. Reading all of these crafty blogs has given me some inspiration, so thank you ladies! I also want to participate in my friend Kathe's link up http://www.kathewithane.com/2012/08/youre-gonna-love-it-week-19.html. She has so many crafty friends. I feel so left out.
Last but not least, another favorite birthday gift that I love from my daughter. My new yoga pants. She thought I wouldn't like them because they had lace on the waist band. Does she know me? I love lace.
Sorry about the side way picture, I could not fit it all in. Maybe that means I truly do have a wide load. I will be happy to sport a bumper sticker on my ass for my favorite team. I will always take one for the team.
Every year I visit the Pink store for my new football wear. I love how their clothes are feminine and don't make me look like a boy. I had to go and return the pair of pants my daughter got me and get a size up. Camel toe is not a good look on anybody. I saw SO many cute things I want for this season. I find some of their things tend to run on the small size. It is best to try it on. If you are a football fan like me, you need to check out your local Pink store.
Have a great Tuesday!
I am off for about 14 days. I only work on Monday's and Monday is a holiday. I feel trouble coming on.


  1. Yaaa! Patriots yoga pants!! Love those:) Love your monogram necklace too...gorgeous!

  2. Glad you got that monogram necklace you were hoping for! I love mine dearly.

    Looking forward to seeing you get crafty - I always have high hopes of being crafty - but drop the ball - only after I've spent the $$ on supplies! LOL

  3. I got the Wella Enrich conditioner in a glossybox and absolutely loved it! I want to try the self-heating conditioner now!

  4. LOVE the patriots pants!! For the linkup I blogged about my first Red Sox game experience :D And the monogram necklace is beautiful!


  5. You KNOW how much I love the Wella Enrich conditioner you sent to me! LOVE IT! My thin dry hair has never felt softer or fuller! I can't wait to hear what my hair gal thinks of my usual bird's nest turned swan hair :-) You are my hair/ nail/ makeup Yoda and I always trust your reviews :-)Talk soon ♥

  6. i see you were on a hair product mission, looks like you found what you needed
    love the monogram necklace, i have a pink lucite one
    i too love monograms, hence my monogramming store!!
    need something monogrammed??? send it my way...

  7. LOVE that monogrammed necklace! so cute.

    xo, Emily

  8. Ill have to try some of those products! (GO PATS)

    Thanks for linkup up!

  9. I love the Pink fb collection - my fave!!

  10. I am loving school is in session loving it loving it loving it!!!
    thanks for the hair product recommendations..my hair is so dry too. I need rescue products.