Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's "OK" Thursday 11/22

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

-That the highlight of my day is face timing with my favorite baby. She kissed me on the phone about a million times yesterday. She actually ended up putting me on mute because she was so aggressive about it. She just would not stop (no I do not have a problem with that). She also blows me a kiss then puts her hand on my face. It melts my heart. She is so much fun to watch. It is the next best thing to actually being there. I really wish they were here for Thanksgiving though.

-That it took some convincing but I got my brother in law, the son I never had and my daughter to come to the nail salon with me for pedicures/manicures. The son I never had looked at the girl that was about to work on my daughters feet and told her she might need "one of those masks" because my daughters feet smelled. He also proceeded to tell the woman next to him that the color she got was great. That's just how he is. Schmoozer is a good word to describe him. He is too funny.

-That upon hearing that the son I never had vacuums all the time, I needed a rug vacuumed and asked him to do it. He happily agreed. My daughter would have complained and would do it 3 hours after I asked. He also moved a big plant for me in preparation to put up the Christmas tree. I guess we are all comfortable with each other now.

-That while at the pageant last week, we ended up changing our seats. The people in front of us wouldn't sit down and kept moving their seats. It got to be so annoying that we moved across the aisle. We thought we were in the clear until this sat in front of us.

her hair must be FULL of secrets

 I asked my brother in law about one of the contestants that were up on stage and he said "I don't know, I cant see a thing". I wonder why. I was also texting back in forth with my friend who was a contestant when she was backstage. She asked where we were sitting. I told her to look for the lady with the biggest hair in the audience.

-That my brother in law loved contestant number 59. We now have a running joke and use the number 59 in every text message. It is kind of ironic that the Patriots won by 59 points on Sunday. Of course I had to take a picture and send it to him.

-That my husband and I  have been eating cereal all week to prepare for today. I have been having my brother in law come over a lot for dinner. He always brings a decadent dessert. My husband gained 6 pounds in a week. Thankfully, I did not even gain a pound. I had to put my husband on the cereal diet and suffer along with him. I don't think he could do it on his own. I did make chicken soup last night. There is only so much cereal I can take. He will have free reign today. We will be in NY all next week so I have no control over what we eat. Hopefully he will walk a lot with me after he is done working for the day. I know I will be walking all day and skating.

-That I will be in NY for the tree lighting. I have heard its a zoo. Our hotel is pretty close so we can walk there. I would love to be able to hold a spot for us from noon to the beginning of the ceremony. I know I would never make it. I blame my bladder. I would love to try, but I know for a fact I wouldn't make it.

-That I really have not been home at all this week. I worked two days instead of one. Did I mention I hate the 1:00-8:00pm shift? I am a morning person. The day I worked at 1:00, I started my hunt in the morning for a black belt with a gold buckle for my husband. That is what he wanted. I spent all day yesterday looking too, in between grocery shopping and general errands. Black belts with gold buckles do not exist. My husband is now the proud owner of a black belt with a pewter buckle. He is really picky. Sometimes I think he thinks of things he thinks I will not find to see if I can in fact find it. He knows how hyper focused I am on things. Maybe its his way of sending me on a scavenger hunt. I would not even be suprised if he googled "most difficult items to find". That's what it feels like anyway.

-That I knew I would be out all day yesterday and that traffic would be horrendous (and it was). I made my son come with me to keep me calm. He came along happily. He hasn't started his job yet.

-That I may possibly be more excited for my mom to bring me my mashed turnip with brown sugar than I am for turkey. She makes me a huge dish and I am the only one who will eat it. I will be eating it for the rest of the weekend or at least until the heartburn kicks in.

-That I woke up to the smell of turkey this morning. I actually slept in....if you consider 7:00am sleeping in. My husband put the turkey in at 5:00. He is the best.

-That we are eating at around 2:00pm which is early for us. The Patriots are playing tonight and I am so excited. We are eating early so that we can take a nap before the 8:30pm game. I would never make it otherwise.

-That I will not be participating in the Black Friday trample fest. I can do all of my shopping online tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Enjoy your family and friends.

I will be taking a moment out of my day to be thankful for all that I have.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Found you on the Thumping Thursday link up and am excited to follow. I would love you to follow my blog too!

  2. hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving
    i have been trying to get husband to go for a mani/pedi forever and he just won't
    oh the food, we haven't had this much food in the house since the boys left to go back to school in august
    cereal diet might be my next step when they leave lol

  3. Well I am happy to that, even with all the baking I have been doing, I have not gained a pound of the Pre wedding weight loss. Mr. B however has gained back 5 lbs. I just tell its okay, men loose weight faster than women do. He could do my exercise plan to assist in loosing the weight again. You know, cleaning, laundry, up & down the stairs all day etc.! I hope you had a wonderful day buddy! Have a great weekend too :-)

  4. Aw, a little child kissing monster! So cute.

  5. We ended up doing all of our black friday shopping online. The TV we wanted wasn't as cheap online as it was in the store, but I think it was worth the convenience to pay just a little bit more!

  6. Very cute funny blog! New follower from WBH. would love a re-follow!



  7. What a week! What a head of hair! Nail salons, turkey dinners, and baby kisses you had a lot of fun this week :)

  8. Oh my goodness at that head of hair, soo crazy!!!!!