Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 11/8

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

-That my favorite baby may or may not have ESPN or something.
Of course her Mimi thinks she is a genius.
This was taken on election day before the votes were tallied.
 -That this is what was happening yesterday.
 and I woke up to this, this morning.
Actually, that's not OK. I am not ready for this.  I am  not used to that blast of cold air yet. I closed the door very fast, believe me. There was more of it and it melted because it rained after it snowed.
-That we waited for my daughter to get out of work on Tuesday to vote so that we could vote as a family.
-That I am shocked that my favorite painting, Monet- Waterlilies, sold for only 43 million. It does not seem like enough to me.
-That my husband just asked me to go to NY again at the end of the month. I said I wasn't sure and he seemed really disappointed. He doesn't like going alone anymore. I will obviously go.
 Last time we went, he said I was a good travel companion because I was fun. Maybe if I was less fun he wouldn't care if I went or not. 
I already have the woman that used to work for him lined up for skating one day. I plan on skating at least 2, if not 3 days. We will be there a full week and there really isn't too much I haven't seen, so skating it is. I am sure it will be all decorated for Christmas too. I am so excited.

-That I am not sure if I am going to trivia night tonight because I am working tomorrow. My family is making fun of me. They may end up shaming me into going. I guess it will be a 2 Cosmo night.
-That my son is already eating me out of house and home. I will fix his wagon by forcing him to help me with the grocery shopping today. I wonder if he would get a manicure with me later too? I could use a pedicure too but I don't want to wear flip flops in the snow.
-That I cooked a turkey dinner on Sunday. I needed something to do during my teams bye week. We eat turkey a lot in the fall and winter. I hate cleaning up the mess.
-That I am exhausted this week for no particular reason. Even answering a simple email was a chore this week. I am still tired.
-That I forgot what an artist my son is. He did an outline for me on a wine glass I am making. My daughter was jealous that we were doing crafts together while she was at work.
-That normally I would have scared this little guy off from eating my rose bush, but he was just too cute.

-That hopefully I wont have to dig out my spanx to wear my sweater dress tomorrow. If I don't have to, it will make my day.
-That this is all I have for you because all I did this week was sleep.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. That picture of a Cosmo looks just like my favorite at our club - I am going to have to have one this weekend for sure :-)

  2. The turkey dinner looks wonderful. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving. That is about the only time we have turkey. It's just the two of us, and of course, the chihuahuas, but they don't eat much, so anyway, too much food on a regular basis. I will eat leftovers once. Only once. Beautiful deer. I so would not have chased her either! Hope your weekend is good!

  3. it is really early for snow isn't?
    son1 says it makes it really hard to get to class
    you must go to NY while it is decorated or is Christmas cancelled there??
    husband and i went to vote as a coffee date, fun to go with someone
    isn't it funny how the way an outfit fits can make or break your day
    here's to a sweater dress without spanx!!!
    have a great Thursday

  4. Have fun in NY - I think it's a blessing that he keeps asking you to accompany him (though it may be kind of a pain/disruption from your usual routine!)

    Also, I have been beyond tired too - I blame this on the lack of sunlight :(

  5. The chore better not have been the e-mail you sent to me! lol lol... Love the video and the turkey dinner dam I'm hungry!You better not make your son feel to welcome he may never leave! :>)Go to trivia tonight it good for you!!

  6. I was thinking the same as Monica LOL! Monet is my favorite artist! We got to see some of his artwork on display once when we were in Vegas. I cried because I was able to be so close to his artistry! I made our menu up for the next two weeks and was so excited that it included the turkey dinner! We are having Mr. B's parents here this year. Sooo looking forward to MILs homemade rolls!! I could eat a half dozen of them!

  7. I love that your son was doing arts and crafts with you! and I can't believe it didn't sell for more. Are you serious?! I think Monet is one of my favorite artists.

  8. I love that "it's okay". great post. And I make it a personal policy to always say yes to New York, although maybe that's easy since there's an ocean and much of a continent between us so the opp has only arisen, maybe twice, maybe. =)

    Stopping by to say "hi" and to follow along from the hop. AND... we've got the most beautiful team hosting An Aloha Affair this week and I'd so love to have you come grow with us. 'hope to see ya soon...


  9. Stopping by from Weekend Blog Walk. Newest follower because your blog is fun to read :)

  10. I think NYC during the holidays would be really nice!

    The painting price was plenty, lol

  11. After seeing the turkey photo, then one of a deer, I wondered if venison was on the menu the next day!