Thursday, May 17, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 5/17

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That during a long conversation with my sis, she told me some things that I wish she hadn't. Her ex boyfriend would wear his snuggy naked underneath with his butt hanging out.  Please pass the brain bleach.

- That my daughter dropped off my favorite grand baby at the babysitters. She got bitten by some little boy 4 times.  My first instinct was to get on a plane and rip out every single one of that little boys teeth.   I thought I was protective of my kids.....It is even worse with my little princess.

-That thanks to my beautiful daughter, I am now the proud owner of a Scentsy warmer and I am addicted to it.  I turn it on the minute I wake up!  Who is going to sell me my Scentsy refills when I need them?

-That with my husband away again, it is obviously junk food fest.

-That with my husband away, my dishwasher is full with mostly wine glasses.

- That with said wine in my system, I made my husband a video of me singing and dancing. At least I kept my clothes on. It must have been good because he asked for another video. No I will not post the video. I have pride.

- That being at my parents house reminds me of the movie "Groundhog Day". I can only take the same thing over and over again for about an hour and a half, after that, I get antsy.

-That I worked for four hours on Saturday and we sold over $3,000 in gift certificates in that amount of time. Not one woman, it was all men, waiting until the last minute.

-That I had to celebrate Mothers Day with my husband on Saturday because he had to leave for business Sunday. He is unbelievable in the way he takes care of me. It was probably one of THE nicest days out on Saturday when I got home mid afternoon. I came home to this, where we enjoyed drinks on the deck.

-That my husband was reluctant to give me the recipe for Cosmo's. He thought I wouldn't need him anymore. Is he crazy? I have to say, mine werent as good as his.

-That I finally watched the bachelorette last night. I genuinely like Emily, she seems like a sweetheart. I feel bad for her and the douchery that is sure to ensue this season. Why do some of these men look like they got their suits in the little boys department?

-That happy hour will commence around 1ish if I go out with my friend ShaSha today.

-That I only have to rattle around this house by myself for one more night! Yeah!

-That it is my daughters college commencement this weekend and I need to go buy some waterproof mascara.

-That  my husband is in Texas.  What would you do in Texas in your down time? You shoot a gun . They not only went to the gun range, they went skeet shooting too. He hit all of the targets and it was his first time doing it. Remind me not to make him mad.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Haha, why does the gift certificate thing not surprise me one bit?
    And little kids can be monsters... I hope your grandbaby is okay!

  2. That Lou man is a keeper!!! Even if he does have to travel for days at a time. Yeah, new rule: no firearms in your house ;) You're Gonna Love It Tuesday is still open...hint....hint...hint LOL! Wait! They still make Yodels??? I need to check for them next time I go shopping!!!

  3. Hi pretty girl!

    I love gift certicates, as I don't really like gift surprises that much, specially for personal things, lol! Oh, I was bad when some little monster would hit any of my 2 with my sweet lil'darñling I am hulk! I hope the grand is fine now, sweet thing. Thank you for your lovely, wonderful and generous comments, I do appreciate them very much. Have a great weekend. Luv ya.

  4. First of all, can I tell you how happy I am to find another blogger that isn't a 27 year old newly-engaged or just-married girl with no kids but a dog child?? (not that there's anything wrong with that...I was just feeling out of place. And lonely). Found your button - right under mine! - on thedailytay.
    Love Love Love the "It's OK Thursday" thing. How do I join in??
    And for the record, Yodels, Tostitos and wine makes a fine meal in my book!
    Glad to have found you! :)

  5. have fun with all this stuff going on!

  6. Oh my I've been wanting to get me a Scentsy warmer. This post office by my work sells them. Girl my dishwasher is always full of wine glasses no matter who's home! lol.... You better not let me down and met your friend for Happy Hour. BTW I WANT TO SEE YOUR VIDEO!!!

  7. Not loving the snuggie image lol
    Kudos to husband!!
    tried to watch bacholerette since it was filmed here in chatlotte
    But I just couldn't. Sit through it

  8. That part about the Snuggie cracks me up!! Oh my gosh.
    I'm watching the Bachelorette too - some of those guys are so ridiculous! But I was happy with who she kept after the first elimination.