Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's "OK" Thursday 5/31

Its Ok Thursdays

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"It's OK"

- That my daughter got home last week and I already have her days planned doing errands. Its nice to have her home

-That the pasta aisle worker at the grocery store got called into the office because someone heard him ask me for a hug and complained. He said it was probably someone ugly that he didn't ask for a hug. I told him I have his back.

-That I went for a month without a radio in my car because my husband couldn't find where the fuses were. My daughter took care of it for me and got my inspection sticker. What a good kid.

-That I chipped my nail polish and had bare nails for days. I gave myself a mani/pedi seeing that I am in a DIY mood. I really should do it myself more often.

-That I pretty much waited until the last minute again to book my tickets to see my favorite grand baby. I cant wait to see her!

-That I planned on how long I would stay at my daughters according to how long I could take her annoying dog.

-That I cant open my upstairs windows because of the pollen. It is disgusting. Thank god for air conditioners.

-That my mothers birthday is Saturday and I ordered her a monogrammed necklace yesterday. I guess her gift will be late.

-That I finally get to break out my white jeans

-That I talked myself out of grocery shopping today because I really don't need to go. I am going to go get flowers for the yard instead.

-To make time for your friends no matter how busy you are

-To be lazy in the summer and give your blow dryer a break

-That my daughter just read my blog and tweeted me this message,
Not to be a critic but your "It's OK Thursday" blog is lacking #Justbeingconstructive
My response was, Not to be a critic but get off of twitter and start looking for a job!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That sweet sweet baby is just too cute!

    DIY manicures - I wish I didn't have to do them as often as I do - damn nails chip every single day!

    I'm so sad for the pasta aisle man - people are just asshats sometimes.

  2. LOVE this (again!). Made me laugh - especially the comment about the dog and the end (and can I have that fabulous orange car?)
    I'm gonna have to give it a try one of these Thursdays!

  3. Beautiful gift for your mother! I wish I didn't have to blow dry but I'm always in a rush after the gym to get to work to let my hair air dry.

  4. If I don't blow dry my hair I look like some deranged second rate circus clown! I still haven't gotten a manicure because I knew I'd ruined it with the shed move project! I am so excited for you to go see that precious grand baby!! Definitely on the flowers! That's much funner than getting groceries, although you do get a hug :) Have a great day buddy ♥

  5. Well, if it helps, I always love your It's OK Thursdays posts (including this one!). :)

  6. Hahaha I love the tweet and response from your daughter. Too funny!
    Enjoy your trip to see your beautiful grandbaby!

  7. So Did he get a hug? lol.. I couldn't last a day without my car radio! Did I mention I have subs in my car! I love me some music!! Your Grand Baby is adorable I can't wait to have a Grandbaby!! Your Mother is going to love her necklace! Have a great weekend chica.....

  8. i think your daughter is wrong and i love your response to her
    i enjoy your thursday musings

  9. hey mom here is some construcitve criticism, how about you differentiate between me and gina? you know either use our names or "my favorite daughter" (me) and "the middle child" (gina).
    gina needs a job and is your errands bitch, and i have the annoying dog and cute baby.