Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To shop or not to shop

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping.  I either cant get enough or I don't want to be near a store at all. 

One thing I have been much better at lately is asking myself,  "do you love it?"  If I don't, it stays in the store.  I grew tired of giving away clothes with tags still on them to Goodwill.  I had an exploding closet with nothing to wear and outfits that were just boring.

I will buy trendy pieces but I will not spend a lot on them.  I usually will mix the trendy pieces in with my higher end pieces.

 I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe.  I always buy black.  In the beauty industry, black is the staple.  I work one day a week, why am I still always buying black? 

I am taking baby steps.  My closet and jewelry drawer are looking a little more colorful these days.
I did buy a few black pieces as you will see. Old habits die hard I guess.

I found all of these pieces at forever 21.  I love big earrings and statement necklaces.  Its either a big earring day or a big necklace day.  I never wear both at the same time.  I would rather wear my costume jewelry than my good jewelry lately for some reason. 

I found this at Burlington Coat Factory.  It has become one of my favorites.

I found all of these items at Marshall's. I have found some unique items at Marshall's over the years.  Marshall's is great if you are looking for anything cashmere.  They have great prices.

It is another rainy week here in my suburb. I am trying to find things to do so that I don't have a "love" week with shopping.  Wish me luck!


  1. Burlington Coat Factory is my favorite place to get shoes!! I just got a couple maxi dresses there for summer too:) I'm the same way...I ask myself "do you HAVE to have this?" if I hesitate....it goes back on the rack:)

  2. Love all your jewelry finds! I have TONS and TONS of necklaces/bracelts/ear rings and NEVER wear them. I wear the same ear rings and necklace EVERY day. I suck.

    Marshall's is a great store to find hidden gems in - if you take the time - which I hate doing :(

  3. I am finally getting into statement necklaces they are so fun :)

  4. I think this will work? Yippee ! can leave a comment now :) I really think it was something on my end.
    I love Burlington for cute jewelry! I wish I could rock those tops like you can Laura. Imagine Aunt B from Mayberry in one of those....not a pretty sight LOL! We had a few rainy days here and are expecting more for the weekend. Why does shopping have to be such great therapy anyway?? LOL! Have a wonderful day friend ♥

  5. love that you said no big earrings with big necklaces AND especially if they are matchy matchy!!
    i have quite a few friends that do that... why??
    i do not have much black in my closet, so it is hard for me to relate, but you are on your way!!

  6. I love Marshall's, but I've never lived close to one!

  7. Whenever I get back to the States, my first stop is Marshalls (ok, third after Mexican food and Starbucks). I usually end up having to buy another suitcase to get all my Marshalls goodies home :)

  8. i totally know what you mean about shopping! i really try to make sure i love something before i buy it too....i also have that problem with not wearing things after i buy them. i'm getting a lot better now though!