Sunday, October 21, 2012

Game Day

So my daughter and the son I never had are off to the Patriots, Jets game.  They packed so much food etc., that I think they may actually be moving into Gillette Stadium. They are tailgating before and after the game to avoid the traffic jam.

If I had to pick one game to go to, it would be a Jets game. They are a division rival ( I do not even consider them in the same league as the Patriots). I love all of the trash talking before the game. Sure I get upset when we don't win a regular game, but when it is against the Jets, it is so much harder to take.

The people in the pictures below are a few of my favorites. I like to think they are my two biggest fans. They love reading my blog. I know they will like having this post all to themselves.

I really wanted to do the logo stencil that is the same that is on her shirt but the stencil was bigger than her face.
Not that I am partial or anything but aren't they the cutest?
Have a great time at the game kids!


  1. Cool photos! They sure had a lot of fun in watching the game :)

  2. They are super cute! What a great game!!!

  3. You have every right to be partial! They are toooo cute :-) Love the face paint too!

  4. best line in this post..."the stencil was bigger than her face"
    love it