Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Its OK" Thursday 10/4

Its Ok Thursdays
"Its OK"

- That I have been sick with a cold/fever since Monday afternoon and have gotten absolutely nothing done this week except put a dent in my couch. I thought I would feel better today and get out, but I don't. I am blaming my daughter. She was sick first. Last year I had no kids here in the winter and I went all season without being sick. Coincidence? I think not.

-That seeing that I have been on the couch all week, I have watched every movie from every channel that interested me. I have every premium channel. I have nothing to watch today. Maybe I should force myself to get out today, or maybe not.

-That I was in first place in the pool for a little while on Sunday. I ended coming in second with only two losses. Yeah for me. I think I have it figured out. I just need to win  now.

That's me on top, Spirit Bun or Spirit Bunny. I used to do the makeup for my daughters cheering team and to this day, the girls all still call me Spirit Bunny. If you are old enough, you may know what movie that name is from. I also want to state that I am the only one in the pool with a pseudo name. I can hear the people cursing me now...who the heck is Spirit Bunny?

-That I booked my tickets to see my daughter and the princess. I made sure I would be there for Halloween. I cant wait to see my favorite baby all dressed up and her reaction to trick or treating.
The princess last year

-That the dishwasher repair man said my dishwasher was fixed. It isn't. Now I have to wait another week for him to come back out and do the job he should have done the first time.

-That when I went to work on Monday, not only was my gratis waiting for me, I found out that we are all required to get a facial every month during one of our shifts to help the girls along. I work one shift so I am sure I will have to go in on another day. Oh the perils of my job....I still love it after 3 years.

-That I have not gotten a manicure since NY. I have been too sick/lazy/busy to bother. It still looks fine except for a little wear at the tips from using my glue gun. It is not a gel manicure. That extra top coat when I get home from the salon really helps.
 That after posting this picture, my daughter texted me and asked me to make a nail appointment for us tonight. I think I will seeing that they don't look as OK as I thought they did.

-That at least I got one thing accomplished this week. I made a copy of my wreath for my mom. I promised I would and I had to get it done. I used darker leaves on hers.

-That we had the first fire of the season during the football game on Sunday. It was cold enough.

-That I love Sunday afternoon football and having the family around.
Cute or dorky? I am not quite sure.

-That I apologize for being boring this week. I haven't gotten out much. It happens.

Have a great Thursday and please cover your mouth when you sneeze!


  1. Sorry you haven't been feeling well Laura - hope you are on the mend :)

    Halloween with the granddaughter!!! YAY! How fun that is going to be!

    Good job on picking some winners - nice to know there are some ladies out there that know their stuff!

    And HAVING to get a facial - your job really sucks huh ;)

  2. Get better buddy! Maybe the mani will help? So happy the Broncos were able to help you in the standings ;-)We are cold enough for a fire today! Was 39 degrees as I was driving in to work. It was in the 80's yesterday!! Help those girls out and get a facial for me too :-)

  3. Feel better soon! At least you have a lot to look forward to and that extra couch time should help with the football pool. All the best and rest.

  4. So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Feel better soon. Congrats on your standings! You are doing way better than me. Your granddaughter is beautiful! I sure miss those baby days! Hope your weekend is better than your week has been.

  5. Love the wreath! Hope your feeling better girl!

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower from the chaos hop. Hope you feel better for the weekend.


  7. feel better :) would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  8. Hope you're feeling better, Laura! I suffer from sinusitis every morning for a couple of days now, maybe because of the weather. I love the random stuffs that you posted. That little girl is so pretty, I can't wait to see her on her costume for this year's Halloween. Have a blessed weekend :)

  9. followed you back :)

  10. Hi there laura,This seson has been a killer for the sinus up here in NY and with the rain and cooler temps UGH!!Stopping by from the Sunday Social:) Feel better!

  11. Feel better soon!!! Love that you were able to start the fireplace already.

  12. Nice post and blog! (;
    Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    If u wanna let me know.
    Follow me, and I'll follow back. ♥

    Love, Jackffy

  13. You are sooo not boring! I hope you are finally feeling better!

  14. hope you are all better by now. it is cool here too, football weather! not a fire yet.
    happy week!

  15. Get better! Love the fireplace! Nice to meet ya chicky! Stop by my blog when you get a second and lets be friends? Maybe we could follow each other??

  16. hope you are feeling much better
    i am the biography queen when i am sick, i don't know why, but i love watching them all, no matter who it is