Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Want To Wake Up In That City That Never Sleeps

I have finally gotten around to downloading all of my NY pictures.
I was so glad to have more time in NY this time than I did last time. Last time I went, I just felt so rushed.
I tried to do different things this time too.
My husband just asked me when I want to go to NY again because he has to go again. Is tomorrow too soon?

We stayed at a different hotel this time. This was the lobby. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt on 42nd Street. It was right next to Grand Central Station. It was a great location and the hotel was clean and friendly. I would stay there again. The room was a pretty decent size for NY standards.

This was the hotel bar. It actually extends out over the street. It was beautiful. I will definitely go back.

Bryant Park and the Library are probably my favorite areas in NY. No matter what I am doing, I try to make it there during lunch hour. It is so much fun to people watch. There seems to be something going on all of the time in the park when I am there.

For those of you visiting or living in NY, If you have not tried the restaurant called aperiTIVO, you are missing out. It is called a Pizza Bar but it is so much more. I like to consider myself a pretty good Italian cook  and pretty picky about where I eat my Italian food. This quite possibly could be the best Italian meal I have ever had in a restaurant. That would include the many Italian eateries in the North End of Boston. It is that good. I cant wait to go back and eat there again. aperiTIVO is located at 780 Third Avenue (at 48th St.)

The Brooklyn Bridge. The Taxi driver took us the long way around when we were going to visit the World Trade Center area. I have one thing to say about my many cab rides in NY. I can NOT have my eyes open while they are driving or they would have to drive me to the emergency room so that I could have my heart attack. I look off to the side, at my husband or close my eyes. I can not look straight ahead. They are maniacs. It freaks me out.  I could quite possibly be the only person who puts a seat belt on in a NY cab. I am a dork like that. 

They are building a new tower where the Twin Towers were. I still cannot even fathom that kind of devastation. When you see that area in person, it just seems so surreal. The area seemed smaller than I had imagined.

I was going to do the whole tour thing at Ground Zero while my husband was at the office. I booked the tickets and then just could not go alone. I knew how emotional I was about the situation. I am so glad he took Friday off and came with me. I just wanted to see the area and not even do the tour. I thought it would be too much. I ended up crying on the sidewalk and taking a while to collect myself. The feelings I got while I was in that area were overwhelming. Such a senseless tragedy.

We walked over to Battery Park. This statue stands in the entrance.  
 I am glad it was a clear day. We had a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty.

Ellis Island

Wall Street

 The New York Stock Exchange

This was as close as I could get to the Bull's face. It was so crowded with tourists. Getting a picture from the back was no problem. I did have to wait however for the 7 year old boy to move, he was cupping the bull's ahhhhm "junk" while his parents encouraged and took a picture of him.


We went to Rockefeller Center where we had drinks at a bar/restaurant they have set up right where the ice skating area usually is.  I always wondered what they did with that area when it got warm out.  
 Rockefeller Center fountains

 This was the Lego Store in the area of Rockefeller Center. How cool of a display is this? What a fun job that would be.

 Before we had to get back on the plane and head home, we walked down to Central Park and the Boathouse area. I had seen it in so many movies (The Boathouse) that I just had to see it for myself. There was a big road race going on that day and lots of excitement. It was a nice long walk. I did notice that the city smelled pretty bad that day though and it lost a tiny bit of charm for me. Not enough so that I don't want to go back though.

The next thing on my bucket list, well actually the top of my bucket list always for visiting NYC is skating at Rockefeller Center. I have yet to do it but that will change on my next visit. It opens maybe the second week in October so I should be all set.  I cant wait!


  1. Go at Christmas time if you can and see all the store window displays. Also just watching the ice skating with the Christmas tree lit at night is magical. Have a great day :-)

  2. The best part of NYC is that there is something exciting on almost every street corner. It's amazing how much you see in just a few days. So glad you had a great time, by yourself and with your husband. I hope to go (again) in a couple weeks...and for New Years! I hope you get back soon. I haven't gone skating their either. All the best.

  3. Oh I lOVE NYC!! I was just there in August and like you simply can't wait to go back. I'd love to take my girls this time! Thanks for sharing your pictures and memeories:)

  4. I love NYC! It's been a couple years since I've been! Looks like you had a great time - got some great photos!

  5. Your pictures are great! And I'm amazed at how much you guys were able to pack in and see on your trip! We were considering a trip to NYC for Christmas since I've never been, but I think that vacation is going to have to wait. It's just a tad more expensive than we were expecting! :o)

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  7. There really is nothing like a good visit to NYC. I've been three times, always in February, so we've skated a couple of times. It's fun if you know how to skate :) Your lovely photos brought back lots of memories.

  8. Never have been but your pictures took me on a mini vacation :-) I'm happy that you got to enjoy your visit at a more leisurely pace this time!

  9. I am so glad you got to go back! The hotel sounds wonderful and um..a pizza bar!? I would be in heaven :)

  10. Love your pictures of New York! I was there last year this time and loved it! I too was very emotional when we toured the World Trade Center! They were still working on ground zero so I can only image what it looks like now in person! My Aunt lives there and is always asking when I'm coming back!Looks like you really had a great time girl! BTW if you can't get on my blog it's because I changed my name. It is now mrsinappropriate.blogspot.com

  11. so i guess you are heading out there again??
    so fun, can't wait to see ice skating pics
    hopefully you aren't like me and have to use the pvc pipe walker to skate lol

  12. Live just outside NYC---looks like you had a great visit---definitely plan a trip around the holidays, so much to see and do...love the holidays in the city! Found you through blog hop!


  13. I've only been to NY once so far but I absolutely loved it. Next time you go you should check out the 9/11 museum workshop it's much more intimate and they really bring you threw everything, it's very touching.

  14. Thanks for such great photos!! It all looks so wonderful! Glad you're getting to go again!!

  15. Thank you for taking me to NY, Laura!

  16. I have only been to NYC once, and there is still so much to see. I want to go back yesterday!! These are great pictures. I shouldn't have laughed about the little one w/the Wall Street Bull, but really, I couldn't help it. :) Great pics!