Thursday, October 11, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 10/11

Its Ok Thursdays
"Its OK"

-That I am still sick. It turned out to be not such a bad thing because I have had no appetite. I am now about 2 pounds away from where I wanted to be weight wise. I have not been able to exercise though due to weather and the fact that I cant breathe. I am not happy about that and I hope it isn't hard to get back into my exercise routine.

-That one of my best friends and I have been neglecting each other lately. We made up for it yesterday by having an "I am sick of this rain" party. We also have a mani/pedi date this morning. I have not had a manicure since my trip to NYC. That is SO unlike me.
We did swear to each other that we will NOT go for wine after our appointment like we usually do. We are going to drink coffee instead. We must be getting old.

-That my husband was in Atlanta for most of this week and I did not eat my typical junk food. Yeah for me. He did not eat the junk food I got him for his trip either. Yeah for him.

-That I am obsessed with crafting lately. My dining room table is full of done/half done/waiting to be started projects. I found a great new hobby to keep me busy this winter.

-That this is the text my mom sent me after I sent her a picture of one of the things I had just made.

-That my daughter and I were all set to watch Magic Mike the other night on demand, only to find out it is not really available yet. You can buy it though. No thank you. We ended up watching Snow White and the Huntsman. Is it me or is Kristen Stewart quite possibly the worst actress ever?

-That I need to get a package out to my son in law. I have been such a slacker on this deployment. I was so much more organized last time.

-That my mom is excited because her high school reunion is tomorrow. It starts at 11 in the morning. I guess that's what happens when you get older. She asked me what she should wear. I told her it probably wouldn't matter because half of them wont be able to see anyway. She is thinking of bringing her blender so her friends will be able to eat. We have the same sense of humor sometimes.

-That I love the show Breaking Amish. Real or not real, I don't care.

-That if I am not in the shower by 9am, I consider the day shot.

-That even though this little cutie lives far away, she has me wrapped around her finger. I am in trouble when she really starts talking. I cant wait to see her. 19 days.

-That my daughter sent me this text the other day. I really can see organization tendencies in my little princess and she isn't even 2 yet. I don't know if my daughter thinks its a good thing or a bad thing.

-That I need to get out more and going to the craft store doesn't count. The fall/winter shut in syndrome will not happen to me this year!

-That I am trying to hold off on buying Halloween candy until before I go on my trip. If I am not here I cant eat it right? I am definitely not buying any candy that I like. I usually start buying candy at the beginning of October. Not this year.

-That Mucinex Fast Max could quite possibly be the best thing invented for colds. Try it.

-That my daughter had a statue fall on her when she went to take a picture with it at Oktoberfest this past weekend. I will not apologize for not being sympathetic. Oktoberfest/drunkest.
And yes I didn't want to tell you, but the scratch on your eyebrow does make them look jacked up.

Have a great Thursday!



  1. lmao.. Girl you crack me up! The comment about your moms reunion was killing me!Your poor daughter with the cut on her eyebrow. At least it comes with a good story! Last night my daughter comes out of the bathroom with a big cut on her chin! I say what the hell happened she says " I was shaving my arm pits and accidentally missed?? Hello.. how does that happen?? Hope your feeling better my friend!!!

  2. Too funny. I can't believe you're still sick. Definitely no candy or alcohol then. Maybe get your mom to blend something up for you, ha! I hope things pick up soon. Take care.

  3. Bahahahaha....bring a blender so they can eat. I work in the senior living industry, maybe I should send her some of my business cards to take with her. :)))))

    Miss you Laura!

  4. I agree about Kristen Stewart. I think she is a horrible actress & seems so miserable always & has no personality.

  5. so sorry you are still feeling bad
    sad thing about sick weight loss is that as soon as you eat one regular meal your back to a normal weight lol

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon. Mucinex is some good stuff! I know you can't wait to see that little one!

  7. Hi! It's Vickilicious from Thanks for following me and I'm following you back! I looked through your blog and I like the variety of topics. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading it! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the follow! Following you back now. :) Keep in touch!

    xo - Sheila

  9. Oh I am trying to squeeze in a mani this week:) I think I deserve it! And Breaking Amish, I watched it last night...Some of those babies need a little help! Couldn't they have dropped them into NYC with a guidance counselor or something?