Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Painted Mugs

I painted a few coffee mugs for my parents. My parents are not big drinkers but they do like their coffee. They still perk their coffee on the stove. Forget energy drinks, if you want to stay awake for DAYS, drink coffee that is perked on the stove (that is if you can even find one of those pots anymore).
I have bought them several coffeemakers over the years to break them of their habit. I always find the coffeemakers I have bought them on my sisters counter. Go figure.
 My mom loves bling so I thought these would be perfect. I used the same technique that I used to paint my wine glasses.
I think these would make great teacher gifts. You could wrap them up with a variety of tea's or coffee and so many different things, depending on what they drink.
They were a big hit. My mom always loves my fancy wine glasses. She comments on them every time she is here.
I did not want my dad's mug to look feminine so I kept it simple. I used my dotting tool to add a touch of silver so that it wasn't boring.
I used my special gem glue to make sure the gems stay on through washing.

While I had my paints out, I made this catch all dish for my daughters bureau. Yes I go into her room every day after she leaves for work and I pick it up. I cant help it.
I needed somewhere to put her little junkie things so that I can clean the hairspray/gel general mess she leaves on  her bureau. She wanted me to make her something anyway.
I have found that the most important part of the painting process is baking the glassware after the paint is dried. My mom bought my daughter a special glass for graduation with graduation caps and diploma's on it. I think there is only one graduation cap left on that glass. They all came off in the wash.
While making my daughters catch all dish, I had baked it then went back to add some gold paint. I didn't like the way the gold looked on it so I removed it with alcohol. All of the paint that had been previously baked on, stayed on. It would not have had I not baked it on. 
The beauty of these projects are that I got all of the above items at the dollar store.
I bought all kinds of other glassware to paint on too. I just need to come up with some different creative concepts.
My daughter found some stickers at Michael's with the school logo of the son I never had. I just need to figure out a way to get them to stay on something without it looking sloppy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Have a great day!


  1. Laura - those cups are awesome. They look so elegant! And that catch-all dish is amazing!! Love it with all the bling ;)

  2. Just beautiful! These would make great gifts, and since Christmas is coming up, I expect you will be quite busy! What a great hobby to have! Have a great week, Laura!

  3. Who would have thought a mug can be that stylish? So beautiful! I love the gems :)

  4. I love the coffe mugs! Everyone needs a mug with bling in the morning :-)

  5. wow, you are very talented! these are really, really neat!

  6. These are GREAT! What type of Paint do you use on the mugs? I want to make these for a Thanksgiving present I'm working on.

  7. Those coffee mugs with their initials are awesome!! Beautiful job!!

    I don't even know what perking coffee on the stove means. :o)

  8. Beautiful coffee mugs! I'm obsessed.

    New follower via the GFC blog hop!


  9. very cool looking mugs
    my mom her husband are cold drip coffee drinkers
    it is a louisiana thing, talk about strong coffee!!!

  10. Love the mugs Laura! Ahhh..percolator coffee brings back so many memories! I love the smell of perc'ed coffee :-) I like my coffee hot and strong, like my men lol! Such special gifts for your parents :-)

  11. just joined your site. It looks like fun.

  12. I am in no way crafty (so I can't really help with your conundrum) but those mugs are fantastic!!

  13. I absolutely love these! What type of paint did you use? I've tried using sharpies before, but every time they go in the dishwasher half of the design is gone. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!

  14. Thank you for joining me. I hope to be a beneficial blog person for you too.

  15. Ooh, that IS a really good idea to do them for teacher's gifts. You should probably start selling these puppies. I'd buy one to take to work for sure!

  16. They look great and you have personalised each one beautifully.

  17. Those look really nice. If I nice writing or could draw I would be doing this NOW.
    New follower.

  18. Thanks for liking up with Super Sunday Sync!
    Glad you stopped by,
    Hope to see you next week :)

  19. So pretty! And what an inexpensive gift for teachers and such.

  20. These are so awesome!! They would make fabulous gifts, too. I need to get busy. :)
    Thanks so much for sharing again this week at A Bouquet of Talent. I love seeing your great creative projects. :)