Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's "OK" Thursday 10/25

Its Ok Thursdays

"Its OK"

-That while typing the date, I realized that Thanksgiving is only 4 weeks from today. How did that happen?

-That we are going to trivia tonight at the local tavern. It starts at 8:00. My bedtime is generally 9:00. I am going to need a nap today.

-That tomorrow night we are going out with the kids from my husbands work for drinks and karaoke. My husband and I will be doing a duet. We were going to do Flo Rida but my husband cant talk that fast. Maybe I will take on Flo Rida's lyrics and my husband can have the girl part. Anybody have any song suggestions? Yes I will make sure to get it on video.

-That this was posted on the bulletin board at work. My husband is Lou.

-That my husband is the president. I have to have him schedule me in. And he likes to call me POTUS.....

-That  Hurricane Sandy better not interrupt my travel plans to see my favorite baby next week.

-That they call me the den mother at my daughters work. I made these cupcakes for her to bring in last week and cookies for her to bring in today.  I made spiders with six legs. I couldn't fit the eight. The malted milk ball bodies were too small. Somebody from her work called me out on it.

-That I also made cookies for my husband to bring out to one of his clients. I am now somehow entered into a bake off.  I feel like all I have been doing this week is cooking and unloading the dishwasher. I am trying to have things in the freezer for when I go away. It may all be for naught because when I go away,  they will probably just have salad. They like doing that. I guess its easier.   At least there is food there if they want it.

-That while putting away groceries on Saturday, I had a whole bottle of orange juice explode all over my refrigerator and floor. I am still cleaning up pulp and I swear I have been mopping up the floor all week. Of course the president likes his orange juice with extra pulp. What a mess.

-That I wanted to exchange one of the  Alex and Ani bracelets that my mother got me. It just wasn't me. The lady at the counter didn't want to return it for me because I didn't have a gift receipt. The lady at the cash register said they had to take it back. The lady at the counter was still arguing with her. She needed a less tight wig I think. She had a bad attitude. I got my new bracelet anyway.

-That I just discovered the show Dexter. The concept is creepy but I cant stop watching. I am still on season 1.

-That I have a big stack of magazines that I hope to get to them at some point this weekend. I am tired of looking at the pile.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love love Dexter, creepy but great. I also love orange juice with extra pulp. haha ok I think I just love this post so there ya go!

  2. LOL, sounds like it will be a fun time in the old town tonight!! Wish I could be there to watch!
    You are so sweet to do all of that baking. I really think we need to move closer to you!
    Love your new bracelet! Really classy looking! Don't forget your nap today, and have a fantastic evening!,

  3. Karaoke is my favorite! I would give my right arm to have my husband up there with me! Will never happen!!!!! Have fun chica.

  4. If someone brought me cupcakes at work I would not care if the spider was accurately portrayed or not!! It's a freakin homemade cupcake!!

    Dexter is great! You'll love it... def odd to be rooting for a serial killer but still a good show.

    And i feel your pain with the stack of magazines!! I don't know why but I just can't throw one out without reading it, even if it's 2 months old.

  5. OMG I hope the Frankenstorm doesn't affect your travel or my son, his girl and mostly importantly, my grandson's travel next week!! I am stressing over it and that's not okay! We both need to see our grand babies am I right?? My bedtime is 9 too lol, which is 7 your time!! You'd still be drinking your wine and I'll be nodding off :-)

  6. Dexter!! The only show in the world where you ROOT for the serial killer!

  7. ohmygosh, you're right! how did that happen?! we gotta start planning our thanksgiving menu... oh, and christmas is in two months!!! :O

    <3, Mimi
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  8. Dexter is a great show!! Those cupcakes look yummy you can always send me some extras :)!