Sunday, July 22, 2012

Its 6 am on Sunday Morning

Why am I up? Why cant I sleep in like normal people do?  I start thinking about what I want to do for the day and how I want a cup of coffee and I just have to get up. I also like my quiet time before everybody else gets up. It may also be because this has been one of the nicest weekends of the summer. It may also be because I have a new sense of well being.

I have been bitten by the walking bug. I don't know where the motivation came from but I am glad it finally came. I just simply could not get motivated at all. I have been so lazy lately. I went from doing cardio kickboxing and walking 6 days a week to doing absolutely nothing. I went from being in the best shape of my life to the worst. I am going to change that. I want to be able to eat what I want and not have to wear spanx. I am tired of complaining about it and doing nothing about it. I just want to be the best me I can be (and perhaps eat a bagel instead of broccoli and summer squash every once in awhile? Is that to much to ask?)
It is not so much of a weight issue for me as it is not being toned and zero energy. I don't want to just maintain my weight by watching what I eat.
I really don't have much stress but exercise is good for the body as well as the mind. I don't feel good about myself when I am lazy. I may not exercise every single day like before, but I am going to try my darnedest to fit it in as much as possible.  I will be adding crunches into my routine. Muffin tops only look good on muffins.

I am giving it about an hour or so before we go walk the lake again. I am walking with my husband and I am glad he is walking with me. The lake is about a 3 mile walk. I did not plan on walking the whole lake the first time out but once we started I wanted to keep going. I actually could have walked it twice no problem.

When we got home yesterday we contemplated walking the neighborhood too. There is what we call the big loop and the small loop. When I am motivated I will walk both. When I am not, I do one or the other. The big loop is about 2 and a half miles (a little more than a half if you want to be technical)  and the small loop is about a mile and a half.
Instead of walking again yesterday we decided to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. A note to everyone out there, do not go to a driving range that is also a dairy farm with ice cream. The stench will make you dizzy. I couldn't hit those balls fast enough! I could still smell those cows for hours after we got home. Yuck!  We will have to stick to our old boring driving range in the future.
After walking today we are going to go boating with my daughter and her boyfriend. Row, row, row your boat. This should be interesting. Wish me luck! If you don't hear from me by the end of the week it is probably because I am stuck out in the middle of the lake. Maybe we should bring a picnic of bagels?

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Wish I had a destination like that lake to walk to. I could see that definitely being motivation. Enjoy the boat excursion! And yes you should take bagels; they look like mini flotations rings so they'll fit right in.

  2. Max always has me up at the crack of dawn, even on the weekends. I like the alone time too :-) What a beautiful walking route Laura! I used to be a big time walker but have not been active at all lately. Once the weather cools down I will be your virtual walking partner (though a couple thousand miles and 2 hours separate us LOL). My route will not be as pretty as yours but I will just have to use my imagination :-)

  3. What a great Sunday!

    New follower from Month Blog Hop! What a great hop! Have meet some great new blogs. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can. Also, hosting Mom's Monday Mingle tonight. Love for you to link up. Last week we hit over 200 Mom blogs. Love to have you ;)

  4. Good for you and your goals! Its never too late to get back in shape. However finding the type of exercise you love makes all the difference. I think I would be motivated to walk more outdoors if I had a lake to walk to too! Haha New follower from the blog hop!

  5. good luck on your new/old venture
    getting older totally sucks!!
    can't eat like we used to and the weight and toneness doesn't come off or on like it used to
    what's a poor girl to do??????

  6. Haha i HATE when I'm up before I need to be. Drives me NUTS.
    Newest follower here, pretty lady :) have a fabulous Monday! Xx.

    Lady Million

  7. I loveee walking for exercise. It's just too dang hot in NC to do it right now. And I really miss it! Looking forward to the fall when we can actually be outside and not die from heat!

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower via the Naptime Review blog hop. Love this post..and yes muffin tops should only be on muffins lol. From Jenny @

  9. I, I came over from the Naptime review blog hop! I like your motivation! I recently started doing Cardio classes!

    I'm following your blog. Do visit me when you get a chance!

  10. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well! xo