Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A simple marinade

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Seeing that I am in summer vacation mode, I figured it was only fitting that I share a quick and easy steak marinade recipe. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing and keeping busy.  I don't know about everyone else but I feel like once July 4th passes, summer is almost over. I am trying to soak up every ray of sunshine that I can before being cooped up in the house for 6 months.

My husband is the grill master. The man has 3 grills on the deck. He is a really great cook. He makes sure everything coming off of the grill has cross grill hash marks. The food usually looks like it came out of a magazine ad. He is at his happiest when he has a barbecue brush in his hand. He looks forward to entertaining and parties where he is the chef.

 I love summer because I know I get a break from the kitchen. I barely cook. My husband wants to cook every day. That's fine with me. I will have plenty of time to cook in the winter.

Here is his recipe for steak tip marinade. Unfortunately I do not have a picture. I went through all 700 pictures on my phone twice. I swore I had one....

You will need:

4lbs of Sirloin Tips
6-8oz Wishbone Italian Dressing
6-8oz Heinz 57 Sauce
3 TBS brown sugar
fresh cracked pepper

Let it marinate in your refrigerator for 4-8 hours.

That's it! I told you it is very simple. Our biggest dilemma when making steak tips is to leave them plain or to use this marinade. It is that good. I think I will be going to go get some steak tips today.

Barbecue while you can and enjoy this beautiful week!


  1. i too love it when husband takes over the cooking in the summer
    he hasn't done it as much this summer for some reason, i think i will have to change that

  2. The marinade sounds delicious. I'm going to write it down for my husband :). I love summer too for teh same reason! I am a terrible cook so we all suffer through winter.

  3. The grocery had steaks on sale last week. I loaded up the freezer! I needed to find ways to make them different so Mr. B doesn't get bored with them and WahLa! You show up at the party this week with this! I think I have everything on hand to try the marinade this week! I'll let you know how Mr. B likes it (he LOVES Heinz 57!). Work has been hectic this week but I do miss hearing from you! Hope all is well buddy :-) Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader!

  4. Simple... my kind of recipe. Your steak tips marinade sounds yummy.

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