Thursday, July 12, 2012

Its "OK" Thursday 7/12

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

-That  I am not on the Fourth of July Committee anymore but they still call me to help out. I had to help coordinate the carriage/bike/dog contest in town. Our town population is 14,892. Why wont anyone else step up to the plate?  Its OK because I actually enjoy doing it but still.....Its always the same volunteers for evertyhing that goes on in town..

-That I am seriously only dieting so that when football season starts I can eat my weight in queso.

-That my curling iron died (R.I.P) and I was to uncoordinated to use my daughters newfangled one. Hello straight hair.

-That for the next 3 weeks I am not only working Monday, I am also working on Thursday. I will need a vacation after.

-That my daughter landed a job on the first real interview she went on. Yeah G!

-That I am a little sad that we wont have as much time to hang out because of said job.

-That my favorite grand baby will be coming to visit in a few weeks. Yeah!

-That I found the picture that goes with my marinade post so here it is

-That I am so excited that Big Brother starts tonight. It is not summer without Big Brother.

-That as much as I like Emily from the bachelorette, I couldn't help but notice on the last episode I watched (I am a week behind) that she picked the men from first to last according to how much money they had. Was it subliminal on her part?

-That I am obsessed with the sister wives blog

-That it is 11:00 am on Thursday and I am finishing my blog at work because my daughter tweeted me and asked me where my Its "OK" Thursday post is.

-That while on my way to work I make two stops. One to play the lottery and one to get coffee. When I stopped at the store to play my lottery , the woman ran my tickets through the machine then looked at me and said "are you in a rush?" I said "not really". She asked me if I would watch the store so she could run to the ladies room. She was waiting for someone to come in that she trusted.. I guess she picked me because I am a regular gambler customer and I look trustworthy. We always have nice chit chat when I go in,  I obviously watched the store for her. It was uneventful.

-That the ice cream man in our neighborhood needs to get new music and a new player for his music. He plays slow Christmas music and other weird un-ice cream truck like  music that almost sounds warped. His lifetime movie title would be "The ice cream truck killer". The music sounds that creepy. If I were a kid, I would stay away.

-That I am loving this Soft Soap Vineyard Escape body wash. Now I can bring happy hour into the shower with me. We all know how much I love my happy hours. You can bet I will be having happy hour today.
Softsoap Body Buff Wash, Vineyard Escape Scrub

Happy Thursday and enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. One - congrats to your daughter!! How excited she must be.

    I not shocked they can't find anyone to help out on the comittees in your town - my neighborhood used to plan fun little events - but with lack of help - we don't do them anymore.

    That body wash looks like it smells amazing. Must find it.

  2. Seeing your food made me hungry!! But it is lunchtime for me lol.

  3. Ha on the ice cream truck music! LOL! I find all ice cream trucks kind of creepy. Ohhh on the body wash! I will have to pick some up. My happy hour is still about 29 hours :-)

  4. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Leibster Award on my Blog today!

    You have a fabulous blog and I wanted to pass along the love!


  5. We once had a neighbor who bought a dam ice cream truck! OMG it was the most annoying thing ever! She thought she was the bomb driving that thing around the neighborhood every single day!! I wanted so bad to go out after dark and let the air out of the tires! We actually came close to doing it one night after drinking! Hubby wouldn't let me.... Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Congrats to your daughter!! And that sounds like the perfect lifetime movie title!

  7. Oh wow, congrats to your dear daughter and lots of exciting for her!! The food looks amazing and I am hungry looking at it, as it's turning into lunch time here; it's 12:30am! Thank you for your lovely visit, I so love it when you do pretty Laura. Happy Sunday to you all.