Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being 21

Today I am going to tell the tale of my daughter's 21st birthday celebration.  Although it may be an embarrassment, it needs to be told.

We had been planning my daughter's 21st birthday celebration for months.  She wanted to do all of the things you can do when you finally turn 21.  She wanted to go to the casino.  In the early stages of planning it was going to be my daughter, 2 of her best friends, my husband and I, and my mom meeting us there.  We had a hard time getting two rooms so my husband opted out.  It ended up being just us girls, all in one room.

I ended up driving everyone. We made the 2 hour trek to the casino. The girls were in high spirits and my daughter was in the back seat wearing a crown.  I put the CD in that they had made special for this trip. All I needed was a pair of ear plugs.

Checking in
We checked in and dropped off our luggage.  Of course the first thing they wanted to do was go to the bar.  My mother loves her slot machines so she was pretty much on her own.  I went down to the bar with the girls and had a drink.  We had a great time.

They wanted to go up to the room to get ready to go out,  so I went off to find my mom.  I know how long these girls take to get ready.  All I had to do was throw on a dress.  I told them I would meet them back at the room at 10:30 because we were going to a night club.  You cant go too early of course.  I have to give you a little back story here. For years, I have always liked to tease these girls and talk about "the free drinks dance" and I of course would demonstrate it.  Lets just say it is not for a G rated audience.  I always enjoyed getting them going.  I told them they had to dance like that to get free drinks at the club.  I promised them that while we were at the club I would do my "free drinks dance".  They were so excited for this that you would have thought it was Christmas.  Who wouldn't want to see someones mom making a fool of themselves?  I also need to add I only did the "free drinks dance" for these two friends.  When they had different friends to my house or when we were hosting the after prom parties, they would always say "Mom show them the free drinks dance" I would always look at them and say "What are you talking about?" with a quizzical look.  That was always fun.  They thought they could prod me but I never did budge. I always wanted their friends to think they were making it up.  I never did show anyone else but these two near and dear friends the "free drinks dance".

 I went back to the room to get changed.  The girls were doing shots.  I think it was either whipped cream vodka or cotton candy vodka.  They asked me to take a shot with them.  Being the good sport I am, I did try.  I just couldn't.  It was awful!  They must have been drinking for awhile.  I told them to slow down the drinking and lets get going.  They still weren't ready and they kept doing shots.  Before we even left the room, I realized what my daughters "drunk face" looked like.  I was hoping once we got to the club they would just dance for the rest of the night and have fun.

They are finally ready to go and we are walking down the hallway to get to the elevators.  One of the rooms in the hallway had their door open and the my daughter and her friends start yelling  "Its my Birthday".  A girl pops her head out of the room and says "No way really?  Its mine too!"  Oh great.....another drunk.  I just want to get to the club, do my dance and leave early, claiming oldness.  The girl proceeds to tell my daughter that she has to do a shot with her.  My daughter probably did about 5 shots with her.  I was getting aggravated at this point.  It was a long walk to the club.

We finally get her going and start walking.  I am way to old for this kind of buffoonery and I want the night over already, but I do not want to rain on her birthday parade.  We finally get to the club and I think the shots really hit her at this point.  She cant even get into the club.  They see how drunk she is.   She can barely walk.  One minute she was fine and the next she could barely stand.  We bring her to the Ladies room where her friends babysit her while I go looking for a wheelchair.  There was no way she was going to be able to make the walk back to the room.  Do you have any idea how heavy 115 pounds of drunk weight is?  We couldn't even get her into the wheelchair.  She is not cooperating at all and she kept getting sick.  She got sick on her dress.  We finally get her into the wheelchair and start rolling her back to the room.  She kept sliding out of the wheelchair.  At one point we couldn't get her back in.  We begged some guy to help us.  We told him to disregard the vomit smell.  I felt so bad for him.  He helped us out though.  We continued to roll her back to the room.   Everyone is staring at her.  We kept having to stop to pull her dress down (while trying not to touch the vomit) so that the whole world would not see her hoo haa. 

 I refused to push the wheelchair at this point and walked ahead.  I told her friends "You got her into this mess, you push her and be embarrassed". Whenever someone would look at my daughter, her 90 pound friend, being protective, would yell "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!!!".  She almost got into a fight and I said just keep walking.  We finally get back to the room, put my daughter on the bed where she proceeds to get sick on herself yet again. 

Now my mother has been lost in the world of slots and has no idea what is going on.  She walked into the room and said  "What the hell is that smell?" We had to fill her in.  She was glad she was not involved.  I wish I was not involved, but oh well.  I am glad I was there because I really don't know how they would have handled it.  My mom still has the picture below in her cell phone and shows it to my daughter every time she sees her and says "Remember that?"

The next day whenever someone would look at us I would shrink to about an inch wondering if they saw the spectacle of the night before.  I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I am sure they are still using video footage to this day of my daughter being wheeled throughout the casino in a wheelchair to teach their employees of when someone is too drunk.  I do not condone this kind of drinking by any means and I hope she learned a lesson.  Please drink responsibly people! The girls never did get to see my "free drinks dance" at the club and I am not sure they ever will.  I am in no rush to go out with them again.  Of course this story would not be complete without a picture, so here you go.

Notice the vomit stain near her legs and her friend yanking down her dress yet again. She has not learned her lesson about wearing dresses that I consider shirts. Lets hope she learned its not ok to be that drunk EVER again.
Isn't being 21 fun?


  1. Thanks for the hilarious story!! It takes some time and embarrassing stories like these to learn moderation. You can still have a good time having a couple drinks and not being crazy drunk! But then again, you won't have funny stories like these!

    And I can only imagine what the "Free drinks dance" is! LOL

  2. thanks so much for your comments on my blog! haha you are so sweet and funny, you always make my day!! hope you have a terrific week!

  3. OOh gosh this is hilarious and terrible at the same time! My mom has never seen me that drunk and hopefully really never will. My 25th birthday she did get to see me at my drunkest and when she cut me off luckily I listened lol

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! gotta love those 21 bday celebrations!


  5. jealous that you have a story to tell
    son1 will be 21 in the fall, boy hates birthday parties of any kind and especially doesn't want MOM involved.
    sad, but true...but i am positive the boy will be happy to let ME buy him a drink LOL

  6. Oh my goodness! Wow. I was the DD for my best friend's 21st birthday, and she wasn't this bad, she just started throwing her heels down on the sidewalk and pretending she was a T-Rex, screaming, "I AM REPTAR HEAR ME RAWR!!" It was kind of ridiculous, but pretty hilarious for me, the sober one!

  7. Hi, thanks for linking to the Mommy Brain Mixer! This is hilarious and sad that her birthday ended in a stink (pun unintended!!).

  8. hi from visiting from TALU.. wow this is sooo funny! this is something your daughter will forever remember, that it was the best 21st bday celebrated with great friends and of course a very very cool mom and she got drank lol!

  9. If I was your daughter, I would KILL you for posting this LOL. I can't even begin to imagine getting hammered around my mom, never mind WITH her. I did actually go to a casino for my 21st with my Mom too though. One of my best friends and I both turned 21 around the same time. My Mom and her Dad (her Mom had passed away) took us to Atlantic City for the weekend. (#TALU)

  10. Last night my husband started telling my family some of my drinking stories, and that was bad enough! I can't even imagine having my mother witness one in person.

    Visiting from TALU

  11. Ahhhh, 21 year olds! Too funny. Stopping by from the TALU.

  12. Yikes - that is scary stuff to be that drunk! But at least you can say she learned a lesson on this birthday. Funny about the 90 pounder taking on the on lookers. lol

  13. Stopping by from TALU and let me just say - I've done that drunk. Then I swore off alcohol for 2 years because waking up with injuries so bad you have scars still is a dang good reminder. Lucky for her it was away from home - think how embarrassing it would have been if she'd been at a local bar? Oh well - live and learn. I bet her friends learned a great lesson too :-p

  14. Nothing like a little mother-daughter bonding! Great post - stopping by from TALU