Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Its OK" Thursday 4/26

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That my daughter was disappointed because I did not do my "Its OK" Thursday post last week. She texted me asking me where my post was.

-That my daughter wanted to borrow one of my dresses to wear to a military ball she went to. She looks so much like me that it is scary. I however, would not have worn a blue bra with this dress.
No that is not her boyfriend, just a friend.

-That it never used to bother me when my husband travelled for work. I now hate it. I don't like being in the house alone. I wont even sleep upstairs.

-That I am going to go get another mani/pedi because I found a great new color of nail polish. Did I mention I was bored?

-That I miss my oldest daughter and favorite grand baby. I haven't seen them in almost three months. I am trying to hold off until June and go visit for my daughters birthday. I really don't think I will be able to hold out for that long.

-That my son comes by and checks on me when my husband is out of town. He has turned into Mr. Chatterbox.

-That while my husband was away I decided to indulge in ravioli's. I contemplated buying two bags (they were a pound each). I bought one and could barely eat half of it. Thank god!

-That I bought yodels and chewy spree's  and I didn't finish those either. I haven't had junk food in I don't know how long.

-That I have been promising my middle daughter I will go spend a weekend with her at school at some point. She graduates in less than a month so its this weekend or never. I just hope its not a repeat of Her friends are already texting me, "Mom are you coming out to do the free drinks dance?" Lord help me.

-That I didn't do my usual house cleaning routine on Sunday. My house still looks like I did. That's what happens when you are a neurotic nut and have had years to train your husband.

-That I don't care if the bird (a robin)  that keeps hurtling himself into my sliding door hurts himself. I swear its the same bird every year and he makes such a mess of my sliding door and deck.
That is the perpetrator on top of the grill. I think he is mocking me.
He leaves footprints on my glass the little &*^%$*&^

-That my husband sends me to get the steaks.When he goes, he gets average steaks. When I go, the butcher gives us the best cuts and trims everything for me.  Maybe if my husband wore high heels when he went to the store. he would get the same service.

-That I am going to try and skip grocery shopping this week.

-That this text was sent to me by my husband when he got on the plane

Have a great Thursday!


  1. PAHAHAH!!! Wait... does that really mean she killed someone?
    And I'm pretty excited to head over and read all about the free drinks dance...

  2. I love that you are so close with your kids....I cherish my relationship with my Mom and im sure your girls do as well!!

    That text. Frickin' hilarious.

  3. Always love your "It's OK Thursday." There's always so much more involved in them that mine are!

  4. OMG - your text totally cracked me up :)

    I like you, tend to overbuy food thinking I can eat my weight for dinner - luckily my tummy doesn't do it either!

  5. OMG I love the text message!!! I see he must of shared his peanuts!

  6. The Text message is EPIC!!! I love it!! Your daughter looks beautiful in your dress! I laughed my ass off when I noticed the blue bra!! I love the picture of you and your daughter! You two look a lot alike! Thats a really good thing for both of you!!! Have a great weekend. I hope the hubby isn't gone too long.

  7. That text message is SO funny. :) Your daughter is adorable and so is your grand baby!!!! New follower here. Found you via linkup ...

  8. ...and now I think it is NOT ok that I have never had a Yodel?
    LOL Love this post.

  9. Beautiful ladies, you look like sisters, if your daughter looks just like you in your dress..well, that's it girl, you got married at 12!! I love your grand too, adorable! The blue
    Thank you for coming by and for the lovely comment.

  10. so smiling at daughter wearing the turquoise bra under the dress
    will experience the all alone in about 4 months
    used to love it before kids, we will see if i still do

  11. Omg love this! It was so fun to read ! :)

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  12. wow :) you've got beautiful daughters! i thoroughly am enjoying your blog of a suburban housewife living in barbie's dream house!

    have a great weekend!