Sunday, April 1, 2012

Technical difficulty

There has been something wrong with my computer for the last three days. My husband, the computer wizard, has been working on it diligently to no avail. I hope it gets fixed soon! I have been working on my ever so slow net book lately. The one good thing that has come out of this computer mess is that  I found all of my Atlantis pictures. We went to the Atlantis in the Bahama's for our 25th anniversary. I am going to share some of my pictures with you.

They asked me to join the squad but I told them I was on vacation. I watched making the squad, I know how hard these girls work.

This is humorous because I buy a 35 pack of this water for $4.99. They had it in a champagne bucket (a larger bottle than what I buy) and were charging $20.00 for this bottle of water at one of the restaurants we went to.

That's me in the pool. This is the pool that I met two little German school girls. I took German for four years in school and wanted to practice on them. I said "Deine hausafgabe fur deutsche nocht nicht fertig" which translates to "have you finished your German homework" They laughed at me then swam away under water. I tried that line on other German school children before. They laughed at me too. They said they never heard someone speak German with a Boston accent before. Maybe that was it.

I just could not do it. I could not go down this slide. I even tried the tamer version, got to the top and said Hell no. I climbed back down the stairs.

My favorite sea creature. A horse of course.

This ended up being our favorite pool. We were here every day. I dont even remember how many pools there were but there were a lot!

I want to be there right now! I absolutely loved it there! Hopefully soon,
 we will go back and take the whole family. It is just that kind of place. I want to frolic in the pool with my favorite grand baby.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. Beautiful place! if you want take a look at my blog, we can follow each other, if you like it! kisses

  2. thanks for sharing and i am laughing because i thought i was the only person that watched making the squad. lol
    when i was a preteen, my dream in life was to be a dallas cowboy cheerleader!!