Thursday, March 29, 2012

Its Ok Thursday 3/29

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its OK"

- That I never open my door to peddlers. When I had all of the kids living at home they would yell PEDDLERS when we saw them walking up our driveway and everyone would hide. I don't care if you have on a shirt and tie and are carrying a bible. I saw that Lifetime movie before.
-That even though I don't need to clean, I did it anyway because I had the time and energy.  Who knows when I will have the time and energy again.

-That I have volunteered to spread the mulch. The husband will be charged accordingly. I will charge him less than the landscapers would. I am nice like that.
-That I am more excited for the opportunity to babysit my favorite grand baby for a few days than I am for an actual vacation.

-That it pays to have friends in high places. Remember that $250.00 ticket? It doesn't exist anymore.

-That I am so excited that one of my favorite shows, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is back for a second season.   Don't ask me why I am so fascinated with a culture that spends more money on their wedding dresses than they do on the trailers they live in.

-That I got to work more than one day this week.

-That when I work at night I always bring home Pizza Hut even though I say I am not going to.

-That I am going to win Mega Millions on Friday so I will see you all in 6 months or so when I am done travelling the world. (positive thinking people)

-That I am back to being a shut in because it is cold again.

-That I miss my kids.

-To go to the mall before you go grocery shopping. When you try on clothes and nothing fits, you will buy less at the grocery store.

-That i may check out Ulta before the mall.  Thank you fellow bloggers. Just what I need, another beauty supply to be addicted to.

Happy Thursday!


  1. My family always did the same thing with "peddlers" we would all duck down and hide behind the couch - too funny! Elizabeth Grady is a great place:) I got a facial and my makeup done there once before!

  2. You're such a good wife! Micah would LOVE for me to volunteer to spread the (many) bags of mulch we need in our front yard. I think you should be rewarded with a guilt-free splurge at Ulta. ;)

  3. I love that Gypsy show too! It's fascinating!

  4. I love Big Fat Gyspy wedding,can't wait!!

  5. Love your "it's ok" section! Might have to steal this, it's so fun to read and I'm sure to write, as well.

  6. Ok so the whole going clothes shopping before grocery shopping... Best idea EVER!!!! Good luck with the Mega Million girl cause I"M Winning That one!! lol Have fun with that beautiful grand baby of yours!

  7. oh sorry to burst your bubble, but I will be winning the mega million!!!

  8. Happy Thursday! I'm fighting with you and these others. I'm the one winning the Mega Millions :) Can't wait for My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding too!