Monday, March 19, 2012

You have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them

So it was Saturday morning and I did NOT want to spend the day in the house.  My daughter went back to school Friday.  The house was quiet once again.  I cleaned like a fiend on Friday and did not have one thing to do.  I kept asking my husband what he wanted to do and he can never give me an answer it is always "I don't care" or  "We can do whatever you want, you are the fussy one".  He loves lists so I made him a list with a box to check off what he wanted to do.  I wanted him to be the decision maker. 

I really wanted to go the flower show. It was in South Boston. It was Saint Patrick's day. For those of you who know Boston, Southie is not the place to be on Saint Patrick's day.  For those of you who don't, it is known for its Irish population.  It would be wild there.  Not a good place for this geriatric pair.

It was still cloudy at noon so we couldn't really do anything outdoors. So what do old people do when they have nothing to do? That's right, they go to the casino. We ended up taking the two hour drive to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. I want to add that I brought candy for the drive.  I really AM an old lady.

We had a nice leisurely drive with nice conversation.  The traffic was very light. My husband was driving nicely, I didn't have to make him stop so I could use the restroom from his driving. When we got to the casino, the parking lot was really full.  We knew it would be crowded.  I have been to Foxwoods many times with my mom.  My husband had never been.  He was not impressed.  I was just there in August for my daughters 21st birthday (I will post about that whole adventure soon, what a trip that was).  It didn't look as run down in August as it did yesterday. 

We didn't feel quite so old when we got there.  We were pretty young considering the crowd.  I have never seen so many people riding "larks".  I am also intrigued by all of the people with oxygen tanks in the smoking section that can hold their tank and play the slot machine one handed.  I also learned a lesson.  When I get varicose veins I will NOT be wearing crop pants with white socks.  It is not a good look.

I wish I could tell you we hit the jackpot but we didn't.  I don't even think we stayed a full three hours.  We had had enough and just wanted to go back home.  We didn't lose that much either, at least not at the casino.  My husband ran errands before we went. He got pulled over and got a $250.00 ticket for "excessive tinting" on his car. Seriously? we looked it up and that is the maximum fine. Sometimes I really hate this state. They must have had some quota to fill.  Couldn't they find a drunken Saint Patricks day bar patron to pull over?  I asked him why he didn't cry to get out of the ticket.  I would have.

The offending vehicle.

Anyway, it was a fun day all in all but it will be a long time before I go back there.  It just seemed so seedy there.   I never felt like that before when I have gone in the past. Now I really don't know what I am going to do when my hair turns white.  Can someone please teach me to knit?

Sunday consisted of yard work, 70 degree weather, barbecuing and happy hour.  Such a beautiful day.  As much as I don't want to admit it, I guess I am just a homebody.  Maybe some day I will become more adventurous. Maybe not.

The husband working hard while I am taking pictures. The queen gets more breaks than the king.  In this house, The queen trumps the king.


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  2. lol @ your liar idea
    your husband sounds like mine
    i will have to give this a try
    never been to the boston flower show, but have been to the philly one.
    very cool
    glad you had a good weekend

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