Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its ok Thursday 3-1

Its Ok Thursdays
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"Its ok"

- That I am kind of liking the way my top lip looks from my dental surgery (swollen). Who needs injections?

- That the commercial for the show with the lady with the four inch toenails is freaking me out.

- That I woke up to this this morning. i am not going anywhere anyway.

- That all I have been able to eat since Tuesday is some mashed potato's and baby peas

- That I slept from 2:00 in the afternoon until 3:30 am the day of my dental surgery.

- That i am proud of myself for making this arrangement out of cheap filler flowers

- That I cant wait until the pain goes away so that I can stop taking pain medication and resume happy hour.

- That I have still not been able to look at my stitches.

- That I want to call Lifetime TV and blast them. TWO times I have tried to DVR the Drew Peterson movie when it was on the schedule and both times when I went to go watch was not the Drew Peterson movie.

- That I am officially an empty nester at least until May.

- That I am going to force myself to take a one hour jacuzzi today

- That I am boring this week.

- That I have succeeded in aggravating my husband. I make an awful sick person.

Happy Thursday!


  1. You HAVE to see the Drew Peterson movie. Is it On Demand? Rob Lowe did such a great job portraying him it was almost eerie (of course I have seen it since I'm obsessed with Lifetime!) I can never look at stitches when I have surgery either - they creep me out! Hope you are feeling better....enjoy that jacuzzi tub in this snow storm!

  2. Im glad your are over the hard part and on your way to recovery! I hope things get back to normal for you real soon girl! The Toe Nail picture made my oatmeal come up a litte big! That was so gross.. I'm sure Happy Hour is right around the corner for you..... Get better soon!

    1. Thanks Monica! Those toe nails are so gross! lol. Possible happy hour today! I need my serving of fruit (grapes)

  3. Hope you have a quick and easy rest of the recovery. Sometimes boring weeks are nice.

  4. That movie was so good and scary. That man is cray cray! Hope you get to feeling better!

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