Monday, March 12, 2012

Designer spotlight

Diane Von Furstenberg was a society figure (she was once married to a prince) and fashion designer in New York when she started making her jersey wrap dresses in 1972.  The wrap dress was made popular by the Studio 54 crowd and the New York elite.  She now runs a multimillion-dollar fashion empire.

I have seen so many wrap dresses at lower end stores, believe me they do not compare to a DVF. The quality and  the drape of the fabric of the DVF wrap dress will make you feel like a million dollars.  I always feel so put together when I have one of my DVF's on.  Ms. Von Furstenberg does not stop at wrap dresses. Her entire clothing line is gorgeous.

 Ms. Von Furstenberg has created a dress that will flatter any figure.  I love the prints she uses. I tend to stick to the black/white/grey combo's.  Those are the colors that I can wear to work. The wrap dress is my "go to" dress when I have no clue what to wear.  It is simple and easy to accessorize.  You can wear it to work then dress it up for an evening out.  They are just so versatile.

If you bought one of her dresses back in the 70s, you could still wear it today and be fashionable. It is well worth the investment considering the wear you are going to get out of the dress. Actually, considering the prices of her wrap dresses, I find it more of a value item than an investment.  That is why I love Diane Von Furstenberg designs.

Here are a few of my favorite DVF's
 I make two stops on my way to work and I get complimented at least 3 times before I get to work and then all day long while I am at work with this dress.  I L-O-V-E it!  Did I mention how thin these dresses make you look?

 This dress has paid for itself with the amount of times I have worn it.  I can get a totally different look if I wear it with tights and boots, cute peep toe pumps or strappy sandals.  This was the first DVF I ever purchased.

I am still waiting on this beauty to wear to my daughter's graduation in May.  I am thinking I need these shoes too! Love them!

If you would like to browse her selections go to

You can also check Saks Fifth Avenue, they usually have a great selection.

This is not a sponsored ad. I just want to share my love of DVF designs.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Lovely! I should bite the bullet and get one of her dresses! BTW, the decision was to ombre my hair but just a gradual 2-3 shades lighter. Definitely not go blond or anything crazy with my natural black hair.

  2. nice dresses..they would look good on me!!!!

  3. LOVE DVF!! Wrap dresses are a MUST HAVE for all women!!

    Yes, totally buy those shoes. Those are sexy and fabulous all at the same time.

  4. I want everything. fabulous post. thanks for sharing, love. xo

  5. Love finding new fashion bloggers! Thanks for commenting so I could find you!