Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday aggravation

My phone rang at 1:30 last night with a number I didn't recognize. I had just fallen back to sleep when It rang again at 2:45 am with my daughters friends number. I picked it up. Its never a good thing when you have older children and your phone rings in the middle of the night.
It was my daughter. She left her purse with the bouncer at the club they were at to be in a dance contest. Her purse got stolen. Cell phone, license and debit card. I thought I taught her better! Never  leave your belongings with someone you don't know. If you are going to a club and don't want to hold your things, don't bring them! I have told her that so many times! She said her friend left her things with the bouncer and hers didn't get stolen. Well good for her! Yours did.  She went with a group of friends from high school, why weren't they holding her things? They all drove to her school to visit. Every time she goes out with these kids, there is some kind of drama. In all of my years of going to clubs, I never had anything stolen. I danced with my purse.  I cant help but be mad. Mad that people are thieves and mad that my daughter was totally irresponsible.

A few months back she was in Dunkin Donuts and was ordering her coffee. She put her phone down on the counter. Someone ran off with it! It is infuriating. She lives in a very upscale college town. She is not in a major city. I don't get it. Either she is unlucky or in la la land. So you can see my reluctance to replace her phone yet AGAIN.

A few months back someone smashed a rock through her windshield. It was pretty bad. Lucky she wasn't in it when it happened. Lucky that it didn't dent her car. Her car is parked around the back of her building. It is not on the street. It had to be either kids or someone who knows where her car is. She was coming home for winter break so we just had it fixed while she was here.

Its hard not to be irritated with her. She needs to pay more attention to what is going on around her. Maybe I need to make her more cynical. I have no sympathy for her when she calls with these calamities. I cant help it. I get so aggravated. The car was one thing that I did feel bad about but the others? Not so much. It was her fault.

She called me yesterday to ask me a cooking question. She was making Chicken Alfredo. She asked me if she could mix cream dated March 31st with cream dated April 15. She didn't want her friends to get sick. I asked her if that was a serious question. She said yes. After I told her that it would be fine , she said she was still only going to use the April 15th cream and only use the March 31st cream if she needed too. Wow. That's all I have to say about that.

Did I mention how well she does in school and will be graduating from college in May? I honestly don't know how she is going to be able to function in the real world. Maybe I blame myself a little. She was too sheltered. She barely knew how to do laundry when she went away to school. She does enjoy cooking now though so that's good. In some respects she is mature but in others, not so much.

I thought I would feel better after I wrote this but I am still aggravated!


  1. I totally know what you are feeling. My 30 something son, the one receiving his Phd in May, can't remember to charge his cell phone. Can't remember to pack the charger when he travels. Drops and breaks his cell phone constantly. He is smart...but not when it comes to his cell phone (sigh).

  2. My little sisters are the same way and they're 23 and 22. My little brother is 20, goes to Stanford, and he is also so mindless most of the time. I will ask him to get me a glass of water, he'll go into the kitchen, forget what he went in there for, and then come back with some crackers for himself. Maybe it's the younger ones.