Monday, February 6, 2012


I cant even blog today.

I am too sad.

I want to stay home and do this all day.

Unfortunately it is my work day.

Not only did we lose, I lost in the football pool too.

I still love my Patriots. I am not a fair weather fan. I feel bad for them today. They played an excellent game. They have nothing to be ashamed of. They are still champions in my heart.

I will say this, if Tom Brady had thrown me the long bomb, I would have caught it. Call me Tom.

Six more months until pre-season.


  1. I am sad that they lost too. It was such a good game though!

    1. It really was a good game. I had to have wine though, it was a nail biter!

  2. 6 more months:( I hear ya, Laura!! We can't be mad at them. Let's just patiently wait until next season! Try and smile today!