Thursday, February 23, 2012

Its ok Thursday 2/23

Its Ok Thursdays

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"Its ok"

-To not have a post ready because I have been sick on the couch since Tuesday

-To start to feel better then start having eye issues, meaning another day on the couch

-To be drinking sludge for coffee because you haven't made it to the grocery store for your Dunkin Donuts coffee

-To wonder why you haven't heard from any of your kids since
Monday (hint hint)

-To watch so many lifetime movies in the past few days that you think you could write them.

-To think I jinxed myself by saying I have not had a pajama day. I have now pretty much have had a pajama week.

-To have my husband ask me if I want to go out with the "kids" from work this past Saturday. The "kids" are all early to late twenties, since when did he stop considering me as one of the "kids"?

-To be ok that my husband now considers me an old sea hag apparently.

-To proceed to drink way too many cosmos when you go out with the "kids".

-To blame my husband because he considers me an old sea hag

-To be done with this post because I am talking too much about being old and I must be delirious or something. Time to get back on the couch!

Have a great Thursday and have happy hour for me! I miss it!


  1. LOL This post cracked me up. You aren't an old sea hag, so don't worry! Hope you start feeling better real soon!

  2. This cracked me up! You are FAR from an old sea hag! So don't even bat an eye at those "kids":) I also have watched A LOT of Lifetime movies lately...they're my guilty pleasure!

  3. oh no i hope your eye is okay! i had an ulcer in my eye one time and it was NOT fun. but great post and hope you feel better dear! love your blog :)

  4. Hey! From your picture, you are super good looking! I hope to look like you one day too - except shorter and Asian with black hair. Hope your eye is okay!

  5. older and BEAUTIFUL..... I hope your feeling better soon! You hang in there.

  6. So sorry you've been feeling bad... and especially sorry about the bad coffee! Hope you feel better VERY soon! (Thanks for the super nice comment on my blog, btw. Made my day!)

    1. Thank you Sarah! I only speak the truth!

  7. LOL I guess the good thing is, the red really makes the green in your eyes pop!:)
    PS You are so far from an old sea hag!