Sunday, February 12, 2012

Five Generations

I am very fortunate to be able to say that this picture depicts five generations. It is really incredible when you think about it. From left to right: My daughter and my favorite grand baby, me, my mom and my Nana. My mom is 72 and my Nana is 93. Hard to believe isn't it?
I am happy that this shows longevity. Looking at my mom and my Nana, good genetics as well. They have great skin!

My Nana is amazing. She still lives on her own and drives. I went to visit her in Florida awhile back, we went out walking, she was faster than me!
She is a doll. She is very old fashioned and likes to wait on people hand and foot. Up until a few years ago, she always had Thanksgiving at her house. I have a very big family. I am not exaggerating when I say at least 60 people would be there, maybe more. She stopped making her home made raviolis but her sauce is still great! She has slowed down a little over the past few years. She is still so "with it" for her age. Every great grandchild and great great grandchild still to this day, receives a Birthday card.

My mom and I have a relationship that we can say anything. We like to joke and rib each other.
As she and my dad get older, I feel like I am the parent. I am constantly giving them advice. They don't always listen. I am pretty bossy with my mom and she takes it well.  Sometimes I think my mom and dad act older than my Nana. They stay in entirely too much. I got them a Sirius radio for Christmas for the car. I hope this forces them out more. They love the oldies. My brother called yesterday to tell me they are loving it. He said he hasn't seen them much (he still lives at home). Yeah! Mission accomplished.

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