Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Implant day

Today is the day of my implant. I know what you are thinking.  No, not those kind of an implants. I am talking a Dental implant and a bone graft. I am so nervous. I am not usually a big baby but hey its my front tooth!

And be honest how would you like this done to you? I wish I didn't google this picture because I am starting to sweat.

I banged my tooth as a kid when I had braces and the nerve died. I have done many things over the years to this tooth to try and fix it. I had to have a root canal because the nerve died. In the beginning all they had to do was drill a hole in the back and bleach it. It was a hollow tooth so I had to be careful.
Next came bonding. Let me just say UGH! I think they made it so it stuck out a mile. I looked like Bugs Bunny! When I didn't like the look of that, I got a post and crown. I have never liked the crown. The color has always been off. For the post they just shaved down my tooth. When I went to the dentist, She told me the post was fractured and my last option is an implant if I don't want a bridge. For the bridge I would have to shave down two perfectly healthy teeth, not happening, so implant it is.

I had to go pick up my flipper yesterday and some medication to get me through this appointment. I
have to take 3 lorazapams an hour and a half before my appointment so that I will be more relaxed and cooperative. I am getting anxiety just thinking about it so I hope this works.  My husband has to drive me there so I can only imagine how relaxed and cooperative I will be. I just hope I will be able to sit up in the chair.

Every time I go to the Dentist, which has been a LOT since December getting prepared for this procedure, she always seems to bring up other things like "fixing one of my crowns" or  "oh this is a potential problem". Yesterday she started talking about the crown again and I looked her dead in the eye and said "I don't want to hear another word about anything, let me get this done then we will talk".
I think she was stunned but I didn't hear another word. I also told her I was going to make a Christmas ornament out of my ridiculously priced flipper. It will be the most expensive ornament on my tree. She thinks I am a comedian. I am dead serious.

The thought of doing this crossed my mind because I am just so sick of the dentist

However, I don't think I am ready to soak my teeth at night.
I also want to add that I never even had a cavity in my mouth until I had kids. I am blaming my kids for all of my dental woes. I will not admit that it may have something to do with my sea hag status.

Hopefully I will be able to work on the post I really wanted to work on today when I get home. I just cant concentrate on anything right now. Writing it under the influence may be more fun anyway. Wish me luck! I am scared!


  1. Eep! Good luck! I hope it goes well and turns out how you want!
    I've been told I need braces again and I'm just like... NOOOO.

  2. Oh man that sounds rough! Hope everything goes ok. Keep me posted!!!!

    1. Thanks Monica. Was home by 1pm waiting for my husband to bring home medicine. Fell asleep by 1:30pm just enough time to ice my face. I slept until 3:30 this am and didnt hear a thing. I am swollen and it hurts but I expected worse. I will be getting plenty of rest the next few days!

  3. Hi Laura, how did the implant procedure go? Did you post an update on this? If you have, please link it to me. I’m a chicken too when it comes to surgeries and procedures, but I know I have to be tough and do it for the better.

    Nannie Livingstone