Saturday, February 4, 2012

Football and food covered in cheese

Did you ever have one of those days that it is a huge effort just to make a salad? That was me yesterday. I was exhausted. My husband came into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. I didn't feel like I even needed to answer. He could see what I was doing.  After 26 years, I think I have earned the right to not answer stupid questions. So I guess I wasn't just tired yesterday, I was cranky too.

The middle child came home for the weekend. She loves her football. I don't think she would ever miss the opportunity to be home with our team playing in the Super bowl. She also likes all of the snacks her mom and dad cook. She doesn't get that at school. When she is home, we eat bad. I wasted my time making the salad because she wanted Chinese food. I told her I would make chicken cutlets and she said no, she was craving Chinese food. She usually gets what she wants. She conspired against me with the husband (they love to do that). He knew early in the day she wanted Chinese food. He watched me make that salad for nothing. How could I sit there eating salad while they were having Chinese food?

I am sure tonight will be pizza. Tomorrow will consist of all kinds of junk, just think of everything covered in cheese. I am going to make her do "just dance" with me so I don't feel so guilty. I have been doing so good. My thought process has been pretty bad when it comes to the big game tomorrow. While grocery shopping, I bought queso. I vowed to never eat it again. The last time I ate it during one of the games, the next day i got on the scale and it went up 2 pounds. Yikes! That was when I made the vow to never buy it again.I broke that vow. I love my queso. What better way to say goodbye to it then during a big game?
I will miss you queso

Every junkie item I put in my cart I would say to myself  "You want to have anything you could possibly want, after all it is YOUR team playing" you deserve a celebration.
I never thought I would say this, but I want the season over. I obviously cannot control myself. During football season, all diets are off. I really do not have a lot of weight to lose. As you get older, even one or two pounds is a struggle to lose. I started this diet back in November. I have lost 7 pounds and have stayed that way no matter what I eat or don't eat. I finally got past that barrier this week. I am down 8 pounds. After tomorrow, I am sure I can kiss that goodbye. I miss the days of being able to eat with abandon. As of today I have 5 pounds to go. After tomorrow? we shall see.

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