Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its ok Thursday 2-16

Its Ok Thursdays

Yeah it's Thursday!
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"Its ok"

- To still fall for my daughters prank call just about every Monday at work. She gets me for at least a few seconds EVERY time.

-To hit the firewood rack my husband placed at the top of my garage bay just about every day.

-To be wistful that my passport is just sitting in the drawer. There are so many things to do and see.

-To still be your sons Valentine.

He made this for me at work.

-To turn to my husband every time Chris Harrison from The Bachelor says "If you know a bachelor in your area" and I say, "Do you want me to sign you up?" You can only do this if you are joking of course.

 -To be in a dead sleep and get woken up by the men on the show Gold Rush talking about "the glory hole". I told my husband the next time it happens, I am going to clock him.

-To have quite the holiday sock collection

-To have a drawer full of hair accessories and keep adding to it even though you rarely wear them.

-To forget where you parked even if its only been a few minutes

-To love to "cave" it by closing all of the drapes in your family room so you can nap and watch tv
(my husband always asks me if I am trying to grow mold)

-To want to take home that cute, polite little old man with the oxygen tank at the grocery store.

-To stay in bed even though the husband is snoring like a buzz saw because you just had a bad dream that a demon bit you and you are to afraid to go downstairs and sleep on the couch.

-To be excited your daughter and favorite grand baby may be moving in for six months to a year while her husband deploys

-To not be excited that her dogs will have to move in too.

-To be excited when your husband has an evening work function so that you can eat whatever and whenever you want for dinner.

-To have your own opinion and views and to respect others opinions and views.

-To still love Forever 21 for junkie jewelry even if you are far from 21.

-To be thankful that your husband still thinks of you on Valentine's day with beautiful flowers, but hope that doesn't mean you will not be seeing the UPS man soon with the DVF you have been pining for.

-To not have had a pajama day in almost two weeks.

-To wish my daughter didn't wear what I consider a shirt, as a dress

My daughter is on the right. She probably considers this a maxi dress

-To secretly want your own reality show.

Happy Thursday all!


  1. Another good list. Your granddaughter, granddog, and daughter are so cute!

  2. That's so funny- I found my passport while cleaning out my closet this weekend, and had the same thoughts...

    Hope you have a great Thursday!

    1. Thanks Sarah! i am really itching to go somewhere!

  3. this is too funny... your daughters dress and the fact that your ask your husband if you should sign him up for the bachelor! love it!