Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A flash of genius

I don't know about everybody else but living in an area that gets snow, I always like to have a winter project or two lined up so I don't get bored. Winter in New England can be very long.
Last year my husband and I painted the upstairs rooms. It was a big project. We took it slow. Being almost empty nesters, what else do we have to do? I had never painted before. We usually always hire someone. My husband has painted before and is very good at it. He is a perfectionist when it comes to things like that. It was a fun project.

Yesterday while cleaning up I was looking into my living room. A room that to this day has never been used. It is a formal living room and we all tend to hang out in the family room. I never even finished decorating it because I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I was always in search of the perfect tables but I never found them. So the room sits with just two couches and window treatments.

What a waste of space. What can I do with it? If I could sew I would turn it into a sewing room but I do not. I am lucky if I can sew on a button right. My daughter was in Girl Scouts and they used to get badges for every thing they did. I had the genius idea of super gluing her badges on her sash. Bad idea. They were hard as rocks. and would curl up on the ends. The Girl Scout troop leader took pity on me and would not even send the badges home anymore. She would just sew them on so that they were not put on with super glue. The mother of the year title did not go to me that year. I wonder why?
I could make it a craft room but those days are over. I still do the occasional craft but I am just not into it as much as I was when my kids were little.
I kept trying to think....what do I do the most ? Then it hit me, turn it into a happy hour room! Yes, I like my wine. My friend and I do happy hour at least once a week. There was a time that I am ashamed to say, we had happy hour ALL of the time.
I want it to be a cozy and girly space. I made the mistake of telling my husband I am going to make it girly. I don't think he was crazy about the idea of a girly room. He did like my concept of having a nice place for happy hour though. I think he was thinking pink bows and ruffles. That is not what I mean. I want it to have a feminine touch but not so girly it scares guys away. I think I want to do a wine themed room but I am not sure how original that would be. That's just one thought.

This is what I have to work with.

I would like some opinions and maybe suggestions. Does anyone have any other interesting decorating schemes or ideas for me? Does anyone know of unique places online, or of any stores that carry unique items? I would like to start as soon as possible. The wine is chilling.


  1. how much are you going to change in there?
    if you are going to redo everything, go with wine colors like deep red and light gold...
    but if you arent going to redo everything get slipcovers for those couches, they are not very comfy looking... at all, i have never sat on them, so maybe looks are deceiving?
    what color are those curtains anyway?
    get a cool wine rack to hang on the wall in there, and dont you have a wine fridge?

    1. I really want to keep what I have already. I can take some of the pillows off of the couch and put smaller ones I think it will help. The couch is comfortable. I think i gave my wine fridge away. I will check later.