Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some of my favorites

I have been in the beauty industry for 20+ years. I have my license and can shop at any beauty supply. Do you know that most of your shampoos and conditioners at salons are marked up at least 50%? I have kept my license up all of these years just to be able to go to the beauty supply. It is worth it.

I used to be a beauty product junkie. I always had to have the latest product, both high end and low end. I will give you an example. When vamp nail polish first came out by Chanel I HAD to have it. I couldn't find it anywhere near me. I finally found it in Las Vegas and they could not ship it. While on vacation in Florida I found it and bought it in the three colors it came in. Two of the colors didn't even look good with my skin tone. Just another product that ended up in my kids bathroom or the trash.

I still love my beauty products but over the years have learned what works for me and tend to stick with it. I still like to try new things but i never have to HAVE anything. There is no magic potion or serum it is mostly genetics and how you take care of yourself.

I am going to share my favorite shampoo/conditioners with you. I have fine, wavy hair. I love volume.
If my hair is flat I am not going to have a good day. Maybe I should be living in Texas or Jersey. Here they are.

I absolutely love pureology and if that was the only shampoo/conditioner on the planet I would be happy. Smell is a little different. More like an organic product. The conditioner gives a little tingle. I have tried the volumizing but hydrate is the best. It is a sulfate free shampoo and great for any hair type. It is great for color treated hair. I usually buy the gallon of shampoo (I ran out and don't have a picture to show) and the big conditioner (middle of pic) I refill it into the smaller bottles. I bought them in January of last year. I just refilled my shampoo bottle and am out. I still have over a quarter of a bottle of the conditioner.. It has lasted me a year. I do alternate shampoos/conditioners but I use this one the most. I use probably a dime size. It is very concentrated. Definitely worth a splurge.

I love the smell of Victoria's secret So Sexy shampoo. It gives great volume. I stopped buying it because I thought it was stripping my color. I knew they had changed the formula, packaging and discontinued the one that was stripping my hair.  I figured I would try it after the changes. So far I really like it. I wouldn't recommend using it every day. Like I said it has a lot of fragrance and that is not good for the hair. I prefer the one for color treated. I am not a fan of the conditioners that go with these shampoo's. I don't feel like its moisturizing enough. I use Pureology or Neutrogena with them.

For drugstore/grocery store shampoo I like Organix cherry blossom ginseng shampoo. It smells nice too. It gives great volume and is sulfate free. I originally bought it when i was low on pureology and didn't have time to go to the beauty supply. I ended up really liking it and added it to my repertoire.  I also like Neutrogena triple renewal weightless conditioner. It conditions yet doesn't weigh hair down. I like to mix and match all of my shampoo's and conditioner's.

And last but not least. Deep conditioners. I wash my hair pretty much every day. I have that kind of hair that after I sleep my hair looks awful. Its the texture. I try to deep condition every week. I also try to use a hot oil treatment once a week. Definitely a must if you style your hair. If I am going to be sitting around the house I just wet the ends and put deep conditioner in and let it dry and put it in a bun and wash it out the next day. With fine hair sometimes it is best to deep condition before you shampoo. One of my favorites is Dove deep repairing mask. For a drugstore/grocery item, this works as well as any of the high end ones I have tried. I also like So Sexy Nourish for a deep condition just in the shower if I don't have time. It has a great smell to it and does not weigh hair down.

So there you have it. My favorites at this point. I will save styling products and leave in conditioners for another day. This post is long enough!  Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks for the hair care tips! As we get...ahem...older our hair tends to dry out. I have printed out the products you have suggested and will get the drugstore ones when I run out of the 55 gallon sized ones I get from Costco (just slightly kidding).

  2. Your welcome! Let me know if you like them! Haha I understand the Costco thing!