Friday, January 13, 2012

I detest grocery shopping

If I never had to go grocery shopping again, I would be happy. If my family would just eat rocks I would go with it. I have tried to send other family members to the grocery store and it just doesn't work out. They either forget something or strictly just get what is on the list. I need to go because there is always something i have forgotten to add to my list.

I am usually just shopping for three people. My husband, me and my son. My son is never home. He will always ask for things and then doesn't seem to eat or drink the things he asks for. He eats what I buy special for myself.
I rarely buy meat. I have a stock pile of chicken breast in the freezer. Me and my husband have been on diets for about a month. I am not buying junk. Why can't I leave the grocery store without spending $200.00 a week? I fill my cart and think good this is a light week. When I get to the register its always the same, $200.00 with what I think is an almost empty cart. My husband will ask "what did you buy for $200.00?" and being embarrassed about my bad shopping skills I will reply "This isn't the fifties you know".  Prices have increased and I am just a bad grocery shopper. I can't believe I am admitting this publicly.

This week I went shopping with my daughter who is in college. She took this opportunity to stock up for herself for when she goes back to school today. The two of us together are terrible grocery shoppers. The last time she was home, they had to turn the light on at the register and approve the check because it was over $400.00! I think the only meat we bought was a turkey. It is disgraceful I know. I just don't know how to be better at it.
This was my bill for this week. A little higher because of my daughter. When the cashier announced how much it would be, my daughter turned to me and said "That's not bad". Oh lord I have created a monster.

I also want to add that just because you are only going grocery shopping does not mean you don't have to get dressed. You are still out in public. Have some pride in yourself. Pajama bottoms might be cute if you are in middle school but to be middle aged.....not so much.
Manufacturers shouldn't even be allowed to make "Hello Kitty" pj bottoms in her size.

I also dislike the 3 foot man that works in the cleaning product aisle. My favorite aisle of course so I like to spend time there. Why does he always have to leer at me like he knows what i look like without my clothes? Talk about uncomfortable. I now rush through that aisle. My husband must be paying him.

Even though I dread the whole grocery shopping experience I can still smile. Maybe I am just smiling because I do not have to go back there for another week. Wait I don't have to go back for two weeks I will be at my daughters. Yeah!

If anyone has any feed back on how to shop better, I would greatly appreciate it. Couponing is not my strong suite. I don't even get the Sunday paper. Some of you I am sure have tricks up your sleeve.
If you could make the 3 foot man go away I would be your friend for life!

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  1. how about when you and gina spent 500 bucks and the only meat you bought was a pound of hamburger?
    and as for the midget... bring louie, he got rid of the creepy guy for you when he was like 4.