Thursday, January 12, 2012


I love dark colors in the winter. I am sad when summer comes because I have to put the dark polish away. I usually do a french manicure on my hands and a dark polish on my toes. Every third manicure or so I will put a color on my hands. I have been alternating with these colors.

From Left to right they are: Black Cherry Chutney (this one is probably my favorite, I have been using this color for a few years), Lincoln Park After Midnight, Midnight In Moscow, William Tell Me About OPI.

I use this as a base coat. I have long, strong nails. They very rarely break. I do not typically wear gloves while cleaning.

I love this as a topcoat. It dries your nails pretty fast. Seche Vite is also a very good fast drying topcoat but sometimes I find it gets too thick.

This manicure will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. There is not one chip or crack. It is growing out from the bottom a little. I will go get a manicure tomorrow even though I don't really need one because I am going to be at my daughters for a week and I am sure it will not last that long.

The secret to a long lasting manicure is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.
As soon as I get home from my manicure, I use a coat of this and make sure i go over the free edge (the tip) of the nail. I do not touch my nails again until my next manicure. My manicures typically last at least 2 weeks, sometimes more. I swear by this product. I find it definitely preserves your manicure. Try it next time you do your nails and let me know the results!

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