Friday, January 27, 2012

Some great finds from your local drugstore/big-box store

 Remember how i said I am better at trying to stick with things that work for me and not buying every new product I see? I lied. I think winter boredom has set in. I have become a shopaholic. Lord help me. I cant drive by a Walgreen's lately without going in. Ugh! Today you will find me on the couch with my blanket. If I go out it will only mean trouble. Maybe it is a good day for that lunch time happy hour?

So here are some great things I have found.

This could quite possibly be my most favorite find. It is better than anything I have ever bought from the beauty supply for volume. I am typically not a "mousse" girl. I do not like a lot of sticky products that weigh down my fine hair. I use this on my roots only. I get incredible volume and barely need to do the hairspray/tease routine. It is made by Schwarzkopf which is a pretty high end product . I would probably recommend anything from the got 2 b line just because Schwarzkopf is involved.

This is the hairspray. Again, another fantastic item. I still like Pureology hair spray the best.

I found this product at Walmart. I only curl the ends of my hair. I spray this in before the curling iron. It protects your hair. It is also a setting spray that makes your curl last. This is my second bottle so I am liking it.

Now onto some makeup finds.

This is Maybelline Line Stiletto. I usually just line my top lid with this. It is very easy to use. It looks like a felt tip pen. Virtually mistake free if you have a steady hand.

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara. This is one of the newer mascara's with fibers in it. You need a lash separating brush for this. I find it can get a little clumpy. It gives great volume though. I am a mascara junkie. I have a lot of eye issues and probably replace my mascara every 3-4 weeks. I am always game to try something new.

I have been buying Maybelline Lash Stiletto for awhile. I always tend to go back to this one. I have been combining the mascara above with this mascara. This is a great mascara for length.
And last but not least.

Sonia Kashuk lip liner in petal. They sell this brand at Target. Her makeup line is always written up in magazines. I line and fill in my lips with this color then add a clear gloss. Preferably a plumping one. It is a very natural color.

I hope you get to try some of these items. I am sure I will have a new list soon. It is winter after all.


  1. I am looking for a heat shield spray! This one works well? I only curl the ends of my hair typically too. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. ooh, I am definitely going to have to try that volumizing hair spray. I'm always looking for something that will bring a little oomph to my fine hair! thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh good!let me know if you like them Christine!

  3. Great tips! I will be looking for the heat shield and the thickening hair spray!

    1. Let me know if you like it! How's your dad doing?