Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sad but happy

Today is the last day at my daughters. It is bittersweet for me. I am always sad the day I have to leave. I love spending time with her, her husband and of course my favorite baby.
I have had so much fun with my grand baby! She is developing her own personality and it is a cute one. She is so funny and giggly. She has changed so much since they have been at my house for Christmas. She has been very cuddly with her Mimi which melted my heart.

I love coming here and not stressing about anything. My daughter is very laid back and not as neurotic as I am. I am glad she did not inherit that trait. When I used to visit i would  act like I did when I was at home and run around her house picking up after everyone.This time I ignored it. I let things go. It was very relaxing. I still get homesick though. As much as I love being with them, I miss my home.
The things I miss from home are of course my Husband. Being able to just get in my car and go. I miss my favorite slippers (I wouldn't bring them because of the dogs) and my favorite blankets. I have one for the couch and one for my bed. They are fuzzy with satin piping. I am an infant I know. At least I admit it.
I also miss running my washer and dishwasher. I miss being able to nap whenever I feel like it. I am sure there are other things but these are the things I miss the most.

When I get back home I will just have to exist off of phone calls and occasional skyping. I will come to visit in a few months. Maybe my daughter will come out before then. I can't go more than a few months though. I will miss all of them. Dogs excluded.

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