Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quality over quantity

I believe a good bag and a good pair of shoes make any outfit. I have built up quite a collection over the years.
My husband may complain but he created the monster. He bought me my first Gucci bag at 18. I was hooked. To this day he still contributes to my bag collection. He usually picks them out on his own. He has great taste (obviously). I still have that first bag and I am not even going to tell you how old it is. It is still in usable condition. When you buy quality, it lasts. I could have bought ten bags but I would not still have them. They would have fallen apart.
It may seem expensive but I believe in the long run it is not as expensive as having to constantly replace poorly made items. I also believe in buying something classic, especially when buying a higher ticket item. I definitely like to be different. I usually try to find something that nobody else has.
I am not going to lie, I have made a few blunders over the years. Things I thought i had to have. They now sit in my closet because I feel guilty throwing them away. Never buy on impulse. Always think about your purchase. It took me years to learn this.
This was definitely an impulse buy. A backpack? seriously what was I thinking? I bought this on vacation in South Beach when Mr. Versace was still alive. Sometime back in the 90's. His store was fabulous. I don't even know if it is still there. In my defense, I never carried it like an actual backpack. I slung it over one shoulder. Will this ever come back in style? I cant just throw it away. It you know me, I throw everything away. Not this though.

 These are Gucci, direct from the runway clogs.
I love the look of these clogs. Comfortable? not so much. I put them on, I take them off. I don't think I have ever actually worn them. They are so high your foot is on a slant. Definitely walk around in shoes and don't say "I can deal with it, they are so cute" If they hurt in the store, you are never going to wear them. 

Enough with the blunders. Here are some of the best things I have found.
This is probably my favorite find of all times. It is a Prada evening bag. Believe it or not, it is probably about 15 years old. I found this in Coconut Grove in Florida. Have you ever been shopping there? It is a great area ! I still use this bag to this day as an evening bag. It is classic. I can use this bag until I am a hundred. It will never go out of style. It still looks brand new. I do use the little cotton bags these bags typically come with to store it in.

This is the bag I am currently using. I want to say I have been using this probably for the past two years. It still looks brand new. I love this bag. It has tons of room! I cant believe i am not sick of it but I am not. My husband picked this out for me. He is good like that.

Another bag that was picked out by the husband. I love this bag and have not used it in awhile. I need to fix the handle on this. It is worn because I used it so much. They have a customer service center at Gucci that I can send it to for repairs. I have heard awful things about it so I am afraid to send it off. Has anyone had any experience with the repair center?  I am thinking maybe I should just find someone who works with leather.

Now that I am done writing this post I realize I haven't had a new bag in two years! If you are looking for me today I will probably be doing some online "research".  Happy shopping!


  1. i remember that backpack. you wore that backpack with your ivana trump hair.

  2. Hey the backpack purses are coming back! I just bought one the other day at Urban Outfitters!

    1. Yeah! Maybe it will get some more use after all! Thanks for the heads up I will keep an eye out!