Sunday, January 8, 2012

How I met the husband

I was 18 and had just landed a job as a receptionist at one of the largest accounting firms in Boston. I was a receptionist on the 26th floor. I would have to take the train to work because I lived in a podunk suburb about 35 miles away.

I was on the job for a day when a girl came to my desk and asked me if the ring I was wearing was an engagement ring. I wore my birthstone (a peridot) on my left hand and it was very light green.
I thought why does she care? I told her i was not. She told me her boss wanted me to meet him in the coffee room at 3:00. I didn't know who her boss was. She told me and I didn't really know anybody yet so I couldn't figure it out. We worked with probably 500 people. I said I would meet him.

3:00 rolls around and I go off to the coffee room and there he was. He was 26 and older than anyone I had ever dated. At 18, 26 was old to me. It was a Wednesday. He asked me if I wanted to go out on Friday. I said sure. Then he said how about Thursday. I said sure. Then he said how about tonight? I said sure. Maybe i should have played harder to get but hey I was 18 from podunk what did I know?

I called my dad because he was the one that picked me up from the train. I said "Dad I don't  need a ride home I have a date. I think he is a dork so i won't be late." My dad laughed. Up until this point I had not had a boyfriend for more than 6 months and that was only because he lived in a different town. I got bored easily.

Its time for the date and he comes to get me at my desk. We go to a piano bar. I never even got asked for an ID being with someone older. I also think it was easier to get into places back then. We had a great time. We ended up ordering dinner. It was probably about 10:00 and we decided to go to a club. We had a blast. I ended up getting home at 3:00am. I had to be up at 5:00. When you are young those things don't bother you. We ended up going out every single night from then on and staying out late. Drinks, dinner and dancing every night for months. We had so much fun together. We both still lived at home and decided we wanted to be together more. We got engaged a year after that and a year after that we were married.

The lesson I learned was to never judge a book by its cover. Everybody deserves a chance. Its all in the way you connect and the way you are treated. That was 28 years ago and from then until  now we live happily ever after.

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  1. I'm pretty disappointed you didnt post a picture of you and dad from back in the day.